Mindset Positive Vs Negative

In most motivation course today – the key agenda was to cultivate the positive energy cause we in here we apply the law of attraction – positive energy will bring more positive and better mindset, however, when we instill negative thought over a long period of time, it will grow and succumb us like diseases and eventually it will reach a critical state where it will be harder to recover and even melt down.

Let illustrate the above with the cancer cells – if we don’t treat it and eventually it will put growth, manipulate and kill the host itself eventually. Therefore, it was important to realize it at the earlier stage and get it treated before any more further damages.

So what the tricks of making a better good well being, keep it simple and be thankful. Believe in karma do good and it will bring good things and vice verse thinks negative then negative and will attract more negativity and it will only become worst. It never easy, however this is the fact of life.

For all, regardless of what races, rich or poor, we are all limited and bounded by time – one day at one time we will leave this world, therefore, what is the sole main purpose of life? To be happy and keep it simple. Complexity matter can be solved easily by laying down the simple basic foundation of the life and similarly in many cases simple problems cannot be solved by the complex solutions. Therefore, I always said to keep it simple is a lot harder. Even in language perspective point of view it takes longer to write the word simple compare to hard. This was the fact – it was the journey of life.

Life is created to be balanced, you win some and you lose some. We enjoyed at a certain time be happy but at sometimes, we felt the sadness and sorrows of life as well. Therefore, it was very important to find the balance of the life. If we can meet the equilibrium on this scale all will be fine. Imagine that one the scale, if we are not managed to find the equilibrium eventually it will topple at one time.

It is never easy to do all these. Theoretical it was easy but realistically it was a lot harder and may seem impossible to achieve. We can argue day after day that about these are just tons of rubbish but there is one fact that we should accept that is the underlying of all the problems and arguments doesn’t bring any good to us at the end of the day. Whether we win or lose, we all lost something at the end of the day then why do we keep doing it? The answer is the element of ignorant, stubbornness, selfishness. As at this time, we are blinded by the topics of problems instead of the total big picture. Our thoughts told us we are rights but at the end of the days, these rights cause us more at the end of the day even if we win.

We as a human being are easily diluted with these thoughts. Positive thoughts are not easy to nurture and one negative thought can destroy the whole foundation build over many years. Just like empires, business and family could be destroyed totally by few or even one mistake.

Therefore how can we do that. For me, the best way to protect and growth positive are that keep things simple, read and infuse more positive thought, be appreciative and treasure life and to build more compassionate love. Of course, if we are able to visualize the bigger picture, we will able to see whether this argument is necessary or not. If we are not making the life for people around us better then we are not moving forward as well.

We are designed as very closely connected species – we are labeled as the smartest animal in the kingdom we know of but as the same time, we could be the worst animal in the kingdom. In every progression there are always pro and con – just like communication – today we are able to transmit contents as the speed of light with visual and sound but if we keep using it to channel the negatives it will only bring more harm but if we are able to utilize it to bring more positive and more goods will be along the day.


Little Chef Miri


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The first thing to highlight about this place at the end of the meal will be the price and compliment with the title “worthwhile”. Other than that the foods are tasty as well. Foods are well cooked and tasty as well. Let us go through dishes we have for dinner this time.

Little Chef Miri 20180613 Fried Long Bean With Garlic 1.jpg

Fried Long Bean With Garlic – I Love This

Little Chef Miri 20180613 Mei Cai Pork 1.jpg

Mei Cai With Pork.

Little Chef Miri 20180613 Mei Cai Pork 5.jpg

Yam With Pork.

Little Chef Miri 20180613 Mei Cai Pork 3.jpg

More of the Yam With Pork

Ermm… what we had for dinner was not exactly the above as the yam with pork the waitress happened to serve wrongly to our table. Therefore, managed to take a snapshot of that before they moved back to the right table.

Anyway, when I mentioned the foods are really worthwhile was that what we order for this meal are (1) Fried long bean with garlic (2) Mei Cai Pork (3) One Xi Yang Cai Soup With Pork (4) 2 Rice (5) One Kopi-O. All these for just around RM$44 and the portion are very good enough for 3 to 4 persons. And best of that is that it is good and tasty as well.

So what do you think?

Little Chef Miri
2424, Jalan Boulevard 2d, Boulevard Commercial Centre, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Sticky Rice Dumpling Zhong Zi


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It is almost the sticky rice dumpling festival time again which falls on the fifth month of the lunar calendar. In the past usually, when it was around these times, mine grandmother will then started to make this dish. However, in today times, a lot of the traditions are no longer like traditions whereby foods that are seasonal no longer become seasonals due to the demand and innovation from businesses like for instance a very classic example is durian, whereby durians are only available during certain periods of time but in today context, it became available almost throughout the years due to the demand, innovation is being altered genetically due to the demand from the consumers.

Well, in life, in every change there are always pro and con pending on how we visualized it. Like the case above, the pro is that we no longer have to wait for the durian to fall and eventually in terms of the price context it will become cheaper naturally as supply will be more abundant. The con, we no longer felt the joy of the atmosphere of going around seeking for the foods and fighting for it. These totally change what it is like to eat durians compare to now and the past. It creates a bonding, not just about the consuming it but we are missing out the elements of the ambiance of the fruits due to the fact that it was only limited for that period of time.

Back to zongzi. Zongzi in tradition are wrapped in bamboo leaves of the lotus or banana leaves in our region here. Basically, these leaf imparts its own unique aroma and flavor to the rice.  The rice used is always glutinous rice. The rice then lightly precooked by stir-frying or soaked in water. The filling may be varied, some can be sweet and some tend to be savory or salty; for the salty part, they may include duck eggs, pork belly, shredded pork or chicken, sausage, water chestnut, shiitake mushrooms and even peanuts.

Take Away 20180603 Dumpling 3.jpg

Zong Zi – Dumplings 

Take Away 20180603 Dumpling 4.jpg

The inside of the Zong Zi

The belief of the zongzi from the research on the net. That the Chinese eating zongzi is to commemorate the death of the Qu Yuan, a famous Chinese poet from the kingdom of Chu who lived during the Warring States periods known for his patriotism. Qu Yuan tried unsuccessfully to warn his king and countrymen against the expansion of the Qin neighbors. When the Qin general Bai Qi took Ying du, the Chu capital. Qu Yuan grief was so intense that he drowned himself into the Miluo River after penning the Lament for Ying. According to the legend, packets of rice were then thrown into the river to prevent the fish from eating his body.

Old KB Restaurant


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Old KB Restaurant 20180517 Kopi O (1)

A Good Cup Of Kopi O

If you are a fan of coffee – “Kopi O”, by looking at it if you are a big fan of this beverage, you will definitely love this. For us, the foam on top of the coffee was one of the benchmarks on how good is the coffee, usually, when we see foam like this, it was usually good and this was good.

My group of friend name this “Stout kopi-O”, as you can clearly understand how the name come about. But remember, when you order mention you want Kopi-o with the thick foam, as it was specially made.

“A good cup of coffee is a good start for the day”

OLD KB Kopitiam
No. 1, Ground Floor, Block E, Abdul Razak Complex, Gadong, Brunei – Muara, BE 3517, Brunei Darussalam.


Tien Sing Vegetarian Restaurant


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This time it was all about Tom Yam… vegetarian tom yam noodles soup, vegetarian tom yam fried rice except the “Poh Piah”

Tien Sing Vegetarian 20180515 Tom Yam Fried Rice 1

Tom Yam Vegetarian Fried Rice

Tien Sing Vegetarian 20180515 Tom Yam Fried Rice 3

Tien Sing Vegetarian 20180515 Tom Yam Noodles 1

Tom Yam Noodles Soup

Tien Sing Vegetarian 20180515 Popiah 1

Poh Piah

The “Poh Piah” accordingly was one of the signature dishes from here. And recently, my friend told me that the dark sauce inside this Poh Piah was “Rojak sauce” but I am not sure about it though.

Tien Sing Vegetarian
No 21, 22, Ground Floor, Bangunan Haji Hassan Abdullah II Menglait, (Same Block as Le Apple), Bandar Seri Begawan BE3919, Brunei.





Sunday Breakfast – Fun Wok Kiulap


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Little family outing at Fun Wok Hong Kong Dim Sum Restaurant. It has been a while since I am back here for breakfast, previously when I came here, I loved the fish porridge a lot now and this Sunday let have some recapped.


Funwok 20180513 Fish Porridge 1

Fish Porridge. Still Good, I like porridge with where you could no longer see the texture of the rice

Of course other than that dim sum on Sunday will always be a good choice.

Funwok 20180513 Scallop Dim Sum 1.jpg

Fresh Scallop Dim Sum

Funwok 20180513 Scallop Dim Sum 3

Funwok 20180513 Steam Herbal Chicken 1

Steam Herbal Chicken

Funwok 20180513 Steam Herbal Chicken 3

Funwok 20180513 Salted Egg Chicken Sandwich 1

Salted Egg Chicken Sandwich

Ermm… well, the final salted chicken sandwich, some of you all might think how come there was a shift from Asian to Western. Well, it was due to the promotion package, one coffee or tea, plus one “salted egg chicken sandwich” plus two hard boiled eggs for just four dollars. Plus on top of that how come did we come across the chicken sandwich come with salted eggs. How is it? To me, it does blend well with my taste.

Well, that all folks for this breakfast. Have a nice weekend.

Fun Wok Hong Kong Dim Sum Kiulap

Unit 4 & 6, Ground Floor,
Kiulap Plaza Hotel,
Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.

Lee Loi Fatt


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One of the old famous restaurant for Rojak, red bean and cendol drinks. For those who don’t know what is rojak, here is a little brief description of what it is. Basically, Rojak is a traditional fruit and vegetable salad dish mix with a special dressing that is made of ground chili pepper, palm sugar, and peanuts that is black in color. that is commonly found in Southeast Asia region. Other than the fruit and vegetable, you also get a choice to mix with fried tofu, cracker, culler, and fritter. However, I am not a big fan of this dish but many of my friends who love it. And this was one of the places, that a lot of peoples come for this dish.

I couldn’t tell you about this dish, as personally I don’t take it and therefore, it was very hard for me to say how good it is. As I love to take food photos and since my friend offers me to come for this. Well, why not, let my phone eat it and share with you all.



The Rojak


Other than the Rojak, these place was famous for its beverage like red bean and chendol.



Therefore in conclusion for this, all can I said is that if you love rojak and drinks like red bean and rojak, there is a high chance that you will like this restaurant.

Lee Loi Fatt
Kg Kiulap, 4 Ground Floor, Block B
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei


The Collective Wild Flower


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Last few weeks ago, we had a family brunch at this cafe which my wife read over the internet – the collective wild flower, located in the RBRC; Royal Brunei Recreation Club. Well, reading from the internet this was a cafe plus florist.

By looking at the interior of this cafe, the wall and tables are full of greenery and colorful flowers and these decoratives really brighten up the day.



Bright colorful flower drawing on the wall




Love this color on the cabinet – really soothing color




All are about greenery

The choice of foods are not wide, however, sometimes it was not about quantity but instead on the quality. Basically, at this moment it was about bread, pastry, latte, and cakes.


Good Latte and table are mostly wooden which create a garden touch



A good cup of latte over banana cakes



Banana Cake



Usually, I am not a very big fan of sweet stuff. However, this banana cake was good. Other than the taste profile what I do like about this was crispy on the outside but soft and warm on the inside. A perfect combination of my like.




A perfect combo

Next, come, the savory part, the chicken sandwich, crispy on the sandwich and soft juicy tender chicken on the inside. Love the way, it was done.



The chicken sandwich






Other than the foods, the service, ambiance of the place are goods. In fact, during my brunch there, they also provide drawing paper for my kids to draw while waiting for these to be served. I find instead of describing it as a cafe, but it was more to like comfortable, relaxing a bit on the garden feel with all the flowers on the wall plus the real flowers and pots all around.

A nice place to chill and relax over the weekend.

Outlet Name
The Collective Wild Flower
Situation at the Royal Brunei Recreational Club

You can read more about this cafe at