Chinese New Year Dinner 2018


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Times do really fly, in a matter of time for the year 2018 Chinese New Year was over and all became memories and what good about today is that everything can be captured into photos and videos to be viewed.

Well, let keep it short, and had a recap of what we had for this year. I don’t know about you all but I found out all these occasions were best when we are young where celebration could just be purely about enjoying the occasions but without worry about the preparation, cleaning and more. But of course, let don’t get this stand in the way.

CNY Fried Tofu

Dish 1 – fried tofu with either mayo or sweet Thai chili dipping

CNY Fried Tofu 1.jpg



Dish 2 – Fried Dumpling




Dish 3 – Yam Basket with Pork




Dish 4 – Thai Mango Fish



Dish 5 – Braised Pork With Brocolli




This is to go with braised pork about, put the above in between the fun for the perfect combination



Dish 6 – Fried Noodles



Dish 7 – Fried Prawn



Dish 8 – Potatoes Salad



Iced Longan Beverages to chill with



Pineapple and watermelon to help with the digestion




Well, that concluded the dishes for this final day on the Chinese New Year 2018. By the way, just miss out one soup.

And here I wish that everyone will have a great year ahead. The key important things in life are to be happy and healthy. And finally, a big thank to all who made efforts for these great foods and events.













Tien Sing Vegetarian Restaurant


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This is one of the vegetarian restaurants which I liked and basically, I was not a vegan and how I came about vegetarian restaurants and it was when my grandparent passed away and we had to pay respect and homage by eating vegetarian for the next hundred days. It was not easy, especially when suddenly we had to become herbivores of all of a sudden and plus the fact that we could count vegetarian restaurant with our fingers in Brunei.  Talking about vegetarian restaurants, after running round and round, I think basically there are three which I came to know of one the area of Seri (Mituo vegetarian), Kiulap (Pureland vegetarian) and Mengliat (Tien Sing Vegetarian Restaurant). Well, other than these limited handfuls restaurants and the other things you will have to consider was the social circle as we will be going round and round around these few and limited by the options of A, B, or C,  over the days, it becomes difficult to mix and mingle as well as being an omnivorous is much more colorful than herbivores. Of course, there are always pros and cons in life, being a healthier choice by being a herbivore. Learns to love the greens more, eat more greens. Of course, the world of vegetarians today are not limited by green alone, the food industries had added a lot of colors by making vegan foods more interesting and the result, for instances are vegetarian chicken rice, vegetarian duck rice and etc. Of course, you can compare to the original one but at least it added more colors and context to the world of vegan. Shall cover on this later in the next time.

Well, for now, let go into a bit on Tien Sing, this is one of the restaurants among the three which offer a more fusion vegetarian and other than that in terms on the context of the ambiance, it is more toward more modern cafe like and it is very cozy and to my like. But for now, let have a look at the dessert only – red bean soup. What I liked about this is that it was not only good but the way it was being presented. Next time, I will do a bit more on the foods here.



Tien Sing Vegetarian Restaurant
No 21, 22, Ground Floor,, Bangunan Haji Hassan Abdullah II Menglait, (Same Block as Le Apple), Bandar Seri Begawan BE3919

Twelv Cafe & Restaurant


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Another all times favorites cafe plus restaurant. When we came into foods & beverages industries in Brunei, it was quite different in compare to other countries in general and why is it like this cause in general, it was common to find western and eastern in one restaurant and hence, because of these, it became one of the greatest challenge to overcome for the operators and chefs. Well, what I like about this restaurant is that it serve a balance of good western dishes like chicken chop, grilled lamb, varieties of different burgers and more plus on top of that it serve a balance of the key dish like the Nasi Lemak (one of the local favorites), adobo chicken or beef (Philippines dish) and more. So to sum it up, the menu was created more toward western but with a balance of eastern which just the favorites dish from different places to keep it simple. As you know when the menu get too thick and complex, it become harder to choose. One top of all these, the price they charged here, I find that it is very reasonable.


Nice, Clean, Bright & Cozy

When we are into the mood of western… we could have or…


Simple & Tasty Pasta


Burger & Fries – And Its LAMB


Thick Juicy Lamb Burger


Enjoy Thick Fries With Good Dip


Adobo Beef Rice

A little bit about adobo dish, it is originate from Philippine. “Adobor in Spanish, it meant marinade, sauce or seasoning. Basically adobo dish usually involve meat, seafood or vegetables marinated in vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and black pepper cone. So if you like the tangy taste of vinegar & soy sauce, this is one dish you should definitely try.

photo_2018-02-26_18-55-36 (2).jpg

Look can tell sometimes don’t you think so


Overall,, this place is definitely a thumb up for me. Good foods, good price, good ambiance and clean.

Twelv Cafe & Restaurant
Unit 1, Ground Floor, Block D, Bangunan Haji Abdul Rahman, Jalan Jame ‘Asr, Bandar Seri Begawan BE1518, Brunei.

Myth Eatery & Bar Ipoh Perak


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Every time when I visited in Ipoh for few nights, this is one of the places which I would love to hang and chill for coffee especially in the night. By the way, for brief among all the places which I had visited Ipoh although many from there would be considered as a retired town. Yes, it was no super pack with activities like Kuala Lumpur, Penang and the other but I found that it was not so hectics but one thing you can be assured is that it is packed with all the good food and the prices are very reasonable.

Well about Myth Eatery & Bar, this cafe was situated at M Boutique Hotel, for those who are not aware of this hotel and what so special about this hotel was the theme. It will be lovely for those who love the artistic stuff. This bar is very classy in term of the layout, especially on the lightning part. And from what I knew of from the local here, this place because of the design theme, a lot of the people loves to come here to take wedding photography and etc.

Myth Cafe Interior 1.jpg

Wooden Table, Classy Metal Chair And Lots Of Lightning

Myth Cafe Interior.jpg

Myth Cafe Tiramisu 1.jpg

Serve Tiramisu With Nice Presentation

Myth Cafe Tiramisu 2.jpg

Myth Cafe Tiramisu 3.jpg


Myth Cafe Iced Latted 1.jpg

Iced Latted

Myth Cafe Iced Latted 2.jpg


Myth Cafe Froth Milk 1.jpg

Well, if you are into healthier choice, warm froth milk could be another choice

Myth Cafe 20161126 Milk 1.JPG



M Boutique Hotel, No.2, Hala Datuk 5, Hala Bendahara, 31650, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia, 31650 Ipoh, Malaysia

Penang Road Famous Teo Chew Chendul


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This happened a few years ago while I was visiting Ipoh in Malaysia. As the pictures taken seem to be more than what we shared. Anyways, this was my visit to this outlet Penang Road Famous Teo Chew Chendul. As from the name, we can presume that it should be famous for Chendul.

Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul 20161128 Outlet.JPG

For those who are not sure or what is “cendol”? Well, cendol is basically an iced sweet dessert that contains green rice flour jelly, coconut milk, and palm sugar in general but of course, we can improvise it with added ingredients like red beans, gula Melaka and etc. This dessert is supremely good on a hot day.


Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul 20161128 Chendol 1.JPG

Cendol with red bean, green jelly, coconut milk, gula Melaka and shredded iced

Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul 20161128 Chendol 2.JPG


Other than that we have the fried “tempeh” – a traditional soy product originating from Indonesia. Apparently due to this foods were made from the fermentation process, therefore, it was good for health, “rojak” – mixed fruit and vegetable salad with some kind of dark sauce, and lastly from Penang, it was well known for its “Asam Laksa”. When we said “Asam Laksa”, there are many types of varieties but what I realized was that when people mentioned Penang Asam Laksa usually, the flavored are usually stronger and with soup boiled with “Sardines”.


Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul 20161128 Rojak 2.JPG


Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul 20161128 Rojak 1.JPG



Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul 20161128 Tempeh 1.JPG

Fried Tempeh


Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul 20161128 Asam Laksa 2.JPG

Asam Laksa

Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul 20161128 Asam Laksa 1.JPG



Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul

Lot T15A, 3rd Floor, Ipoh Parade, Ipoh,


South Sea Seafood


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This place was visited on a business conference dinner. I really liked the ambiance of the restaurant. But sadly during this visited I haven’t started to blog therefore what availables were just the photo of the place. But from my memory if you like seafood this is one of the place should try. Price can be a bit steep pending on what you ordered. But let check out the views of the restaurant.

Nice And Cosy

Oh yah one thing very unique about this restaurant is the washroom. I was not sure about the ladies one but for the gentlemen one, the urinating place was one giant piece of aquarium.

Now, let checked out their live fresh seafoods

Fresh Snow Crabs



229, Jalan Dua A, Kampung Melayu Subang Tambahan, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Nasi Lemak Burger King


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Found something interesting while scrolling through the Instagram. Nasi Lemak burger – for those who got no idea about what Nasi Lemak is? It was one of the local favourite that come with coconut rice, eggs, cucumber, either fried chicken or beef rendang or both and of course the most important element of all “Sambal Belacan”.

Well give it a go, I think it is quite interesting for traditions food to be blended in with western burger. Please feel to comment.

Farmbasket Snack Bar


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This is one of the good place to have a good simple breakfast, lunch, tea break and dinner on ala carte basis. Nice ambiance and I find that the price is very reasonable as well.

Corn bed fried rice served with hot dogs and egg

Simple and nice presentation

Baked rice with meat balls this is one good dish

Therefore all in all, give a thumb up for the presentation, foods and ambiance. But for the babe seats part it is a bit of disappointment as it seems quite old. If the owner could focus on this part as well it will be better especially for those with babies and kids.


1st Floor, Block C, Bangunan Central, Kampong Menglait, Muara BE3919, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

Ponkan Mandarin Orange Eating Competition


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This event has been held for several years but this was the first time that I attended this event. This event was usually held few days before the Chinese New Year at Warisan Utamajaya Emporium.

Other than the competition, there were a lot of sampling from various brands example ice-cream like Kingston banana flavours split (I kinda like this one), hot foods sampling and etc but let cut it short.

I am quite attracted to this machine very unique and the cooking bowl if I was not wrong it is make from paper.

Friendly Promoter

Now enough of the free foods and sampling and let get back to the rules of the event. Please note that these rules written will be based on what o heard and might not be 100 percent accurate.

Participants will be first divided into male and female. After this, it was divided into group of five. Numbers will then be given and participants will line up according to the number given. Now to win this the rules are simple eat as much ponkan as possible within 1 min. Guys and gals if you want to win this make sure to practice at home and the golden tips every second count.

I had taken a short video clips on this and winner should be inside one of them.

Well if you want to join next year make sure do some practices as well…

Happy New Year 2018…


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This is the first time spending Chinese New Year in the hospital due to slight minor complication. But due to these, it has given me enough time to think and give more thoughts about resolution and what had not done but what am I am going to do to make things right. In fact, the outstanding lists are getting longer years after years and completed strike off listed seem to be nil.

Nevertheless, this year let keep things simple and do the basics right first. That is to be happy and a healthier relationship. This is life – we are limited and succumb to sickness and pain as well. Therefore, i think that it is very important that in every step that we are making we should consider the element of happiness inside then the resolution will be more worthwhile. It is not just about getting the resolution done but the values in it as well. Happiness of course, doesn’t mean about ownself but the people around you as well especially those whose are important to you.

One of things in many occasions if we looked back after a while, we could laugh and ask oh why are we so stupid to act like this in fact all these could be better at all times but because of stubbornness and grudges we make little things complicated and a complicated things into nuclear warfare. Well, yah this is a natural reaction in human nature.

Well in year 2018… hopefully it will be a new and happier year…let don’t conclude by hopefully I think putting the words “must” will be a lot better.

Wishing everyone a very happy new year.