One good fried rice 

If you are a vegen and looking for places to eat – this is one good choice tien sing vegetarian. The selection of choices are more interesting and innovative if you are vegetarian or going for vegen choice for the day. 

Triple Deck Fried Rice – tomato on the base, soya sauce in the middle and normal fried rice on the top. Plus a just nice fried eggs just blended in perfectly.

Triple Deck Fried Rice


Homemade Fried Rice


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Homemade Fried Rice 1.jpg

Sometimes simplicity is the best solution in life, but in many moments in life, to achieve simplicity are always not an easy task to achieve; in terms of alphabetically writing – “SIMPLE” are much longer than the word “HARD”.

To put it in sense as a foodie writer, sometimes good food doesn’t come from the food itself but the source of the food where it came and from who and the course of the event where it comes from.

Homemade Fried Rice 2.jpg

Hence, in life, it was important to be happy, keep it simple, “forgive and forget” – is the best key in life. Billions of life exist in this life and in our life span, we are now connected with 0.000001% of the population in this world and perhaps even less. Therefore, if faith put us together, hence, it is important to treasure and keeps things together but of course, life in nature will also have conflicts, quarrels and unhappiness – this is what life is about. Life is too short to waste our time quarrelling and arguing, time don’t wait for people, ironically, majority of the people is easier to remember the bad side but forgetting the good side; hence, resulting in remembering and not forgive instead of forgive and forget which will made life simpler but instead of more complication.

Simple Fried Rice – Key to simplicity and happiness in life “Forgive & Forget” 

Fook Yuen Kota Kinabalu


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Breakfast at Fook Yuen. This restaurant is famous for its white bread. Soft and tender white bread with kaya and cold butter.

But before that they also sell a wide range of economical breakfast with the prices base on the selection of the choice of your own like fish cakes, eggs, hot dogs and many many more.

Basically as per seen from the photos all set are choice of your like and prices are pending on how many you chose.

Now come to the highlight, this place was actually famous for its white bread. Soft and tender white bread in between filled with cold butter and kaya.

Fook Yuen

Kompleks Asia City, Lot G33, Asia City, Pusat Bandar Kota Kinabalu, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Little Audrey


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Little Audrey 8.JPG

Little Audrey. If you love American breakfast, this is one of the places that you should try out. Nice modern classic ambience, friendly staffs and good breakfast. And of course, this place serves good latte as well.

Little Audrey 10.JPG

Little Audrey 1.JPG

American Big Breakfast

Little Audrey 2.JPG

Little Audrey 4.JPG

Egg Benedict Croissant Set – Love the Melting Eggs Yolk

Little Audrey 5.JPG

Little Audrey 7.JPG

Little Audrey 6.JPG

Good Breakfast Like This Simply Is A Good Starting Point For Any Day

Little Audrey 3.JPG

And of course, we don’t neglect the most important part – a good thick cup of latte to kick start the day

Of course, with such portion of breakfast for two, in nature there will not any more space for dessert, therefore the following is some of the shots of the cakes photography shot through the glass chiller. Look tempting, but of course in life, we needed to rationalize and don’t overfill with all the good stuff in one time. Good foods need to be appreciated.

Little Audrey 9.JPG

Little Audrey 11.JPG

Little Audrey
#9 Blk A Q-Lap Complex, Kg Kiulap, Bandar Seri Begawan

A Good Bowl Of Kolo Mee


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Living in the region of Borneo Island – when we spoke of kolo mee, it is one of the common breakfast menus. Even we spoke of kolo mee, there are so many types of varieties, and each region there is slightly differentiation in terms of the texture and making.

But this place did serve a good simple bowl of Kolo Mee. Good taste and textures when we come to me when we spoke of this. It cannot be neither too wet or soggy.

All Good Restaurant - Kolo Mee 2

All Good Restaurant - Kolo Mee 1

All Good Restaurant - Kolo Mee 3

All Good Restaurant
Spg.415, Kampong Sungai Tilong,
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei BE 3315


“Kolo Mee” has been a staple breakfast menu in Borneo especially in the area of Sarawak where by
“Kolo Mee” has been a staple breakfast menu in Borneo especially in the area of Sarawak where byas

Ching Nam Hong


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Ching Nam Hong - Combo.jpg

This was the recent visit to Ching Nam Hong and this is one of the favourite restaurant, not just us but a lot of the group of friends as well. If I was to classify the following this restaurant, the range of food serve well from breakfast, lunch to dinner and I liked especially the noodles and the fishes.

Above is the value meal sets – any two noodles, one yi wat soup and clay pots fishes. Goods for two and value at BND$15 dollar only.

Ching Nam Hong - Plain Kolo Mee.jpg

Kolo Mee & Noodles – Not too dry and love the textures

Ching Nam Hong - Fish & Brinijal 1.jpg

Claypot Fish & Brinjal 

Ching Nam Hong - Fish & Brinijal 2.jpg

Ching Nam Hong - Yi Wat 2.jpg

Yi Wat Soup

Ching Nam Hong - Yi Wat 1.jpg

What do you think? Yummy and good.

Ching Nam Hong Restaurant
8 Blk A Warisan Complex, Brunei and Muara, Brunei

Homemade Tapioca Skin Pastry


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The following is one of my favorite which in the past long long ago was prepared by my grandma but due to the aging process now this was being made by my aunt now. I don’t know what it was called but the skin of the pastry was made with tapioca that why it is yellowish and inside are combination of mixed vegetables like bean, carrots, minced meat and etc.

Homemade Aunt Cim 2016-03-06 Vegetable Pau 1.jpg

Homemade Aunt Cim 2016-03-06 Vegetable Pau 2.jpg

When it came to food from the childhood especially on the foods that one had eaten since young, the taste seems to burn into memory and growth on you. Due to the following, I believed that no matter how similar it was, it was always incomparable to the original not because it was not good enough but to me, it seems that when you growth with it, it kinda had a unique feels and taste profile.

A great thank for maintaining and still making it today.



All Good Restaurant


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New Asian restaurant opening in Jalan Muara. This restaurant was opened by a friend and customer whom I known for quite sometimes. Known for serving a good quality and affordable food. The following is some of the photo shoots of the foods which were taken for today breakfast.

All Good Restaurant - Fried Kolo Mee 1.jpg

Fried Kolo Mee

All Good Restaurant - Fried Kolo Mee 2.jpg

For those who love “Kolo Mee”, this is definitely one of the must try – fried Kolo Mee. This restaurant is known for it fried noodles especially for the fried Kueh Tiaw which we will do a preview in the later part in the next article.

Another star dish here will be the Laksa. Sometimes words cannot describe how goods it is? Therefore, it is easier to justify with the pictures. 🙂

All Good Restaurant - Laksa Noodles 1.jpg

Laksa Noodles

All Good Restaurant - Laksa Noodles 2.jpg

As thing which I would like to highlight here is the chrysanthemum tea, purely natural. How often do we see it serve like this.

All Good Restaurant - Chrysanthemum Tea 1.jpg

All Good Restaurant - Chrysanthemum Tea 2.jpg

Natural isn’t it ?


All Good Restaurant
Spg.415, Kampong Sungai Tilong,
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei BE 3315