Antipodean Bangsar One Good Place To Have A Perfect Breakfast To Start The Day


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If you are a breakfast person – this will be one of the must visit place to have breakfast – Antipodean Cafe. This place was brought to by my wife’s sister – highly recommended and love it. Definitely will be back especially if you love eggs like me. Beautifully done.

Antipodean Cafe - Breakfast 3.JPG

Eggs Hollandaise. Now I understand that why they said a picture can kill – don’t you agreed?

Antipodean Cafe - Breakfast 4.JPG

Do we need to say more on how satisfying this is ?

Antipodean Cafe - Breakfast 5.JPG

This is what happen when you said that everything is in place to start the day

Antipodean Cafe - Breakfast 6.JPG

Simply Love It 

Antipodean Cafe - Breakfast 1.JPG

Other than the food – the ambiance is needed set up to start the day

Antipodean Cafe - Breakfast 2.JPG

They said that breakfast is the most important day of the meal and what is it to start the day with such satisfying breakfast. Well, in the following case, the pictures were well enough to tell you the whole story.

Give it a go if you happened to be there.

Well, these photos were taken last year while I am in Malaysia. Too much work load to actually to have the time to sort it out with the busy workload nowadays. Anyways, do hope that you all enjoys these do followed me.

Lastly – would like to have another thank for bringing me to this place.


Antipodean Cafe – Bangsar


Fu Chow Restaurant 


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This was my recent visit to fu chow restaurant. 

Fish Maws Soup – this is one of my recommendation it taste a bit like shark fin soup to be frank and shark fin had been banned here a very good substitute and eco friendly 👍

Add with a touch of Chinese vinegar – superb

Bittergourd plus three eggs – now this become one of the vegetable intake selection. Bitterguord in the past was usually not in the selection but when it was fried with three eggs the taste was superb. So what are the three eggs? Chicken eggs, Century Eggs and Duck Eggs.

Claypot Soya Chicken

Superb especially when it was hot and steamy. Check out the steam still coming out from the claypot

A bit of the wild side – this pork was actually wild boars. For me the taste was very distinct but to some people who love wild boar they loved it. This dish was to personal preference

Kailan fried kailan – for those who love kailan vegetable this was one of he must try dish cause they said love kailan love more kailan. 😀

Overall, this restaurant was one of my recommendation especially there was a huge selection not only dishes but from dim sums and even small personal dishes. Foods are good and tasty. And the pricing are very reasonable, the following above come with rice and teas cost around 50 plus bnd.

Fu chow restaurant 

16,17 R & T Q-Lap; BE2719 Bandar Seri Begawan, … 福州餐厅 Restoran Fuchow, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei.

Garoupa Fish With Bittergourds and Fried Bee Hoon 


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This is one dish which I would never take in the past but people do change with time whether it is for the better, worst or stagnant. 

The following is garoupa fish with bitter gourd and fried vermicelli. Amazing this will be one of the dish which I am going to take for few more rounds. 

Bitterness used to be one of the taste profile especially at the younger age which we will not be considering taking. But as we grow, I found that not only me but a lot of my circle of friends start to have a like for this taste profile – perhaps we had gone through the sweetness of life cycle. As at our younger years, there are a whole world of fun with no commitments and responsibilities. 

Please take note that responsibilities and commitments do not meant less happiness but there was a line to be draw when there we factors in these weight. 

Therefore guys and gals do enjoyed your life while you are at sweet eighteen especially. 

But do try these dish while you are here you will not be disappointed especially if you like bittergourd like me now. 


Ching Nam Hong Restaurant 

Lot12028 Bgn Baktiah Shop no. 1 Jln Gadong; BE2719 Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei.

When the rain is over…


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Life had never being easy,  the designed algorithms of our life tends to always have challenges ahead in every road ahead, it was like a test of faith in us. It was never ending, perhaps the only end is the end of the life itself then this vicious cycle will end. As every aspect of decision in life in the natural state there is always a winner and loser, in business term it is what we called opportunities cost. There is always a sacrifice – the different is just the degrees how much one gain and loss. 

We human beings claimed to be the smartest species in life but on contradictory in many times I believe that we also made a lot of dumb decisions due to selfishness, greed and other factors. In many times, we are not making decision that it beneficial at all but also destroying all due to different aspects point of views. For instances, family disputes due to inheritance from the rich and wealthy – the result broken bond, family ties break up,  and bond no longer there. But in this algorithms of life one thing was fair and bound to all life forms – our life span. We grow old, died and decayed. But for the sad part despised of all these – it is never enough, sometimes when we think about it, we fight and fight but we are not fighting for a happier life but for the sack of personal belief and ignorance. 

Some may be lucky to have these rains and storms over but some may never end even until the last breath. In writing to the aspect of this, I wishes that to all whose are in times of storm, let be calm and thought about the beneficial, what is there to gain? I know that it might be easier to say then done but if we don’t do something to break out of the storm, life will not be good and improvement will not be there. Let give a thought and make a better world for yourself and others. Let build a sunny day instead of stormy night. Please take note, small different might have big changes; we never know until we give it a try. 

All the best.