Homemade Pizza


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The homemade pizza pictorial…

Homemade 20180421 Pizza (1).jpg

Homemade 20180421 Pizza (2).jpg

Homemade 20180421 Pizza (3).jpg

Nice… Enjoy.


Flour And Butter


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If you read about my previous blog, you will come to know of this cafe had a very nice and clean ambiance, good services plus good foods and coffees. Here, was another pictorial of another visit to this cafe.


Chicken Cordon Bleu



Nothing like to have a good cup of latte at any time of the day


Iced Americano for a healthier no sugar no milk


Hwa Wei Mate 10 & Americano

For a person who loved to take photos of the food and for me it was about taking photos with the creating of the story behind the mind. Therefore, the camera of the phones plays a very important key role while choosing the photos. Especially, now on the Hwa Wei P20 Pro which heighten the capabilities of the phone camera. By the way, all these shots here are taken with Samsung note 8. Love the Hwa Wei as well, and last few days I had been playing with my friend’s P20 pro very nice, will write an article about it. Anyway, with the digital world today, it is no longer about writing but to create a story based on the photos taken was so easy and cost-free other than the initial price tag on the phone.





This was my friend taking a picture perfect of the latte with the Mate 10

Well, hope you all enjoy this simple article. Have a nice day and enjoy life.

Flour & Butter

10 Jalan Menglait, Bandar Seri Begawan BE3919, Brunei



Thien Thien Restaurant


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What made a restaurant successful? Keep it simple, when we mention a certain particular type of food, this restaurant naturally come into our mind as one of the selection lists. For instance, when we mention chicken rice in Brunei. This old long traditional restaurant would come into our mind as one of the hit lists when we wanted to have chicken rice.


Thien Thien 20180421 Roasted Chicken.jpg

Juicy Roasted Chicken Drum Stick


Thien Thien 20180421 Steam Chicken (1).jpg

Steam Chicken

Thien Thien 20180421 Steam Chicken (2).jpg


Thien Thien 20180421 Steam Chicken Rice.jpg

Don’t Forget That Rice Is A Very Important Part As Well


Thien Thien 20180421 Kopi C.jpg

What is it like to enjoy with a good cup of kopi c

Food and memories somehow is a very weird thing, especially when you grow up along with them. In your brain, sometimes it will create an urge to go and eat them. Well, this is life.


Thien Thien Restaurant.





Simple Cup Of Coffee


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This was a little coffee session on the last Sunday and was taking photographs for fun. But at the end of the day, I found that the result was fantastic, therefore deciding to put it on my page.

Homemade 20180409 Nescafe (1).jpg

Nescafe gold closely zoom up

Homemade 20180409 Nescafe (2).jpg

Nescafe Gold is aromatic but I think that if it blended in it with the coffee mix, it tastes a lot better

Homemade 20180409 Nescafe (3).jpg

And here is the result of the Nescafe gold blended with coffeemix

Homemade 20180409 Nescafe (4).jpg

By the way, they always said that a good cup of coffee is the start of a good day.

Simple Food – Kolo Kueh Tiaw

For us eating, in general, most of the times, I believe that on many occasions we eat the same dishes over and over on the daily basis especially here, for breakfast many of us would like it to be simple and easy. For us in this region here, we usually go for kolo mee, kolo mee pok, kolo mee hoon, kolo kueh tiaw, and kolo seem to be the constant ringing bells in the mind. And the following was one of the good kolo kueh tiaw. Love this egg especially, when you poke the egg, it blended into the kueh tiaw so well with the dark soya sauce and chicken char siew.



All Good Restaurant
Spg.415, Kampong Sungai Tilong,
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei BE 3315

Old KB Kopitiam Kopi O


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Well, I am a big fan of coffee and to me, there always being a joke telling that for a good cup of kopi o, we always needed to have a lot of bubbles. And while we are joking about it to the coffee maker and this is the result thick layer of bubbles and the thickest I ever have seen.

Just Like The Stout

It was so thick that you can even see a glimpse of the kopi o

Others than that for the curry mee – this is not for the weak heart or people who can’t take hot like this. For the initial tasting, it was not that hot but the hotness comes gradually and becomes spicier and hotter.

I am sure that the color can tell you a lot on the degree of the hotness

Old KB Restaurant
No. 1, Ground Floor, Block E, Abdul Razak Complex, Gadong, Brunei – Muara, BE 3517, Brunei Darussalam

Flour And Butter


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If you have a love for coffee & latte, nice quite comfortable ambience, relaxing place to have a nice meal. This could be one of the good places to be – flour and butter.


Latte & Two Little Biscuits – A Lot Of Bitter and Little Sweet Taste To Go Along


In Fact, These Biscuits Are Very Good As Well



Usually, I am not a fan of food but my wife is. Surprising, this is one soup which I would give a thumb up – Mushroom Soup



Very Tasty And Cream. Do give it a good – Highly Recommended



These toasts are actually being changed due to the fact that I wanted to give a little plain bread to her so she could enjoy a little bit of the food in life as well as now she was too young to eat sweet and indulgence from this world…



Vegetarian pasta – could be tasty also.




Grilled chicken with mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes and vegetables.




Grilled chicken was grilled almost to the perfection, crispy on the skin, soft tender and juicy on the inside

If you read about my previous blog when you brought along a very young little child, there is much consideration to be made until just the goods foods. the cleanliness, ambiance and especially the child’s seat have to be clean and safe. This place passed all the requirements for me.

10 Jalan Menglait, Bandar Seri Begawan BE3919, Brunei










A Little Sunday Dinner


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Last Sunday, a little picture story about what we are having…



Grilled Barbecue Lamb and Pork Contributed By My Uncle



Picture was a bit blurred due to the strong heat wave keep coming up to sizzle the meat



But we get a picture perfect in the end result. 



Prior to this he also made some dough to cook and heat the dough over the grilled as well








The final result of the dough



The dough to me is one of the best especially it was eaten after it was made. Crispy and airy in the center part



Other than the above, there was also the Takoyaki made by sister










Well, it was important to go alone with the green to ensure a healthy balance





This salad is good as well spread over with tangy sauce


Well, in life in the end of the day, it is important to enjoy and have a healthy and happy time today. And I hope that all could enjoyed life at all times together.


Black & White Photography


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Recently, have been experimenting with black and white photography especially on the Hwa Wei phone. These are some of the photos taken and slighted edited. These are some of the photos which I found it very nice. Do feel free to give some comments


All Good Restaurant 20180322 Nasi Lemak BW (2).jpg

Nasi Lemak


Homemade 20180322 Curry Puffs BW 2.jpg

Homemade Curry Puff



Big Prawn Noodles



Big Prawn Noodles



Big Prawn Noodles From The Top



Hokkien Mee



Hokkien Mee From The Top

So guys and gals what do think?

Cheerio Have A Nice Day









All Good Restaurant – Nasi Lemak

For of all, this is one huge portion size of the Nasi Lemak, selection choice can be either all, two or only of the following – beef rendang, lamb rendang or the curry chicken, pending on the size and appetize of your stomach. If I remember it correctly, please take note that it was only available on Monday to Thursday.

All Good Restaurant 20180322 Nasi Lemak (1).jpg

All Good Restaurant 20180322 Nasi Lemak (2).jpg

All Good Restaurant 20180322 Nasi Lemak (3).jpg

Well.. do give it a go…

All Good Restaurant
Spg.415, Kampong Sungai Tilong,
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei BE 3315