Homemade Fried Kueh Tiaw

Photo of homemade kueh tiaw. Good 


A Walk Around The Market In Gadong Brunei


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Food market regardless in any countries is always an interesting place especially if you are food photographers or food lovers as there are endless ample varieties of foods gathered in one place. The following is some of the pictorial taken during our visit to the Gadong market in Brunei. Other than the foods, this market is well organised and very clean indeed.

Gadong Market 2017-06-06 Entrance (2).jpg

Gadong Market

Gadong Market 2017-06-06 Entrance (1).jpg

The Interior Of The Market – Very Neat & Clean

Gadong Market Panggang Satay 1.jpg

Barbeque Lamb Skewer

What I always find interesting in the market is basically you can get a concentration of varieties of foods from A-Z. You name it, it is usually found here.

Gadong Market Panggang Satay 2.jpg

This is what we said look can kill

Gadong Market Panggang Satay 3.jpg

Other than the look, the smell will make you hungry for this

Gadong Market Panggang Satay 4.jpg

Other than lamb there are other varieties

Gadong Market Panggang Satay 5.jpg


Gadong Market Take Away.jpg

Chicken Rice ready to take away

Gadong Market Fried Banana.jpg

Fried Banana Fritter in a very unique way apparently from my colleague the outside is maple syrup with a dash of the Milo powder. Definitely for those who love sweet food

Gadong Market Fried Fish.jpg

Fried Fish


Gadong Market Kueh.jpg

Everything seems endless


Gadong Market Claypot (2)

Food in the clay pots

The market stalls today have evolved tremendously in compare to the past, not just in term of the food varieties but as well as the presentation as well. See how well and attractive it is being presented.


Gadong Market Claypot (1)

Seafood in pot, curry lamb in pot and more

Gadong Market Claypot (4)






Gadong Market Claypot (3)

Look Good! Don’t you agreed?

Gadong Market 2017-06-08 (2).jpg



Gadong Market 2017-06-08 (1).jpg

Beverages Stores


Gadong Market, Brunei


The making of Apam Balik


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The following is a little story on the making of kueh called “Apam Balik”. In term of English acronym, it is known as the turnover pancake.  This keuh is widely found in the street food section in the Asian market especially in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. If you are a street food goer, this is definitely familiar to you. The following pictorial below is taken from the market in the Gadong area in Brunei.


The making of apsm bslik 1.jpg

We started with batter applied over the round heat pan. 


The making of apsm bslik 2.jpg

Then we wait until the surface is harden


The making of apsm bslik 3.jpg

Spread the peanuts all over

The making of apsm bslik 4.jpg


The making of apsm bslik 3.jpg

Usually, it come with raisin but as i am not a big fan of raisin, therefore, we decided to skip over that part


The making of apsm bslik 5.jpg

Nowadays apam balik come with different type of flavour other than the original traditional like chocolate, cheese and more. For now, we stick with the fusion of the west and east – the cheese. 


The making of apsm bslik 6.jpg

Then condensed milk is poured over


The making of apsm bslik 7.jpg

Now, it is turned over and become shaped like moon and ready to be devoured

Another name of this dessert is called “terang bulan” in Indonesian. In English meaning, “Bulan” is known as the moon. And, it is logically from the final presentation, why it is called the moon.

The making of apsm bslik 8.jpg









Motivational – We Monster


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They said in this world, how we perceived in our head is how we vision the world. In the greater magnitude, if the earth is tuned by a few degrees, the magnitude of impact will be dramatic. This is the same effect as in our life.

But in many cases, due to element of stubbornness and other factors, we refuse to change. These so called monster within us. Many in general in the case in the event of failure, unhappiness, disputes, quarrels, the first thought of the monster mentality within us is other people’s fault which contribute to result of today but ignoring the biggest factor of the fact that we aren’t making thing better – which are more important – “right or wrong” or “making life better happier” ? The relevant of the matter no longer important but the monster just continue to blame and blame in the vicious cycle.

In reality, the world doesn’t revolve around us alone and hence, logically thinking in life we try our best to suppress the monster within us but the architecture of the world does not revolve around us alone but with a chain of connected relationship and if all else have been tried and limitation has been reached, is it time to move on to make a better world for oneself?

Coffeebean smoked salmon pizza 


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This bean joint now is one of my recommended place to have good hot western food. My friends love the pizza especially a lot. This is one of the take away recently – smoked salmon pizza. 

Smoked Salmon Pizza

Though it is kinda weird too have it rolls up like this. Well, some prefer to have it in a lump so that we can have a better bites of the smoked salmon but for me I think I will prefer more spread out and more evenly with every bite. 


Segafredo – Latte & Croissant


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These photo shoots have been taken a long time ago before I start up with littlefoodtrail but some photos & memories are worth to highlight.

Brunch at segafredo. A cup of nice creamy latte & croissant.

Segafredo 2016-12-05 1.jpg

Latte & Cookies 

Segafredo 2016-12-05 2.jpg

Very Creamy Latte After It Added Milk Inside

Segafredo 2016-12-05 3.jpg

Segafredo 2016-12-05 4.jpg

Croissant Nicely Made

Segafredo 2016-12-05 5.jpg

Well, a picture tells a thousand word – judge it for yourself.

Tusan coconut drink 


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If you are a fan of coconut, you are high chances that you will love this drink. Tusan Coconut. This shop not only sell coconut drink but different varieties of desserts blended with coconut. “All about coconuts”



Outlet: Tusan
Lot 5588, Block K, Pusat Bandar Permaijaya, 98000, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia