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This is one of the places which I would recommend especially if you are like me – eggs lover. Other than the good varieties of foods,  good ambience and most important hygiene as well if you are bringing a small baby along. Oh yeah and one more thing the placement of the seating you want to ensure that the place is well designed enough for the waiters and waitresses to bring the hot foods and drinks around. If the path is too tight, then we would factor into the consideration of spillings and etc which you want to it to be too near for the risk factor of scaling onto your baby. You see, even the perspective of where we are going in today – this become one of the factors into considerations even at this point in time. And of course, the cleanliness of the baby seats provided by the restaurant, which I would advise that to take into the point of consideration that all these needed to be placed as one of the key priorities as well. Necessary changes would need to be replaced especially when you are dealing with babies and kids.

Let us go to the foods, basically, this place served almost A to Z, western, Asian, varieties of desserts and many types of beverages. Like I mentioned above, I am particularly an eggs person, therefore in the natural course of mind, in general, most of the time, anything that comes with eggs will naturally come to my hit list of choice. Love the following dish below, especially the soft and creamy eggs.


Farmbasket 20171202 Umu Rice 3.jpg

Umu Rice with Chicken Teriyaki.


Farmbasket 20171202 Umu Rice 2.jpg

Zoom it up


Farmbasket 20171202 Umu Rice 1.jpg

This Umu Rice other than chicken teriyaki can serve up with other combination like Japanese curry chicken and etc. Just couldn’t remember all the combination but I think with eggs wrapped around rice like this any combination will be fantastic.



Baked Chicken Chop – this is really good as well


Previously when I came into this outlet long ago they don’t serve thing like pastry but now they do. And the following is the pictorial taken from the display in their counter. Didn’t try it but sometimes when you look at the pictorial to a certain extent it gives up a clue on the goodness of it at least. With limited stomach intake, it couldn’t fit in anymore, maybe next time… but just to show you all…



Original lava cheese tart


Overall, this place, it is worth to go. Good pricing, ambience and good food.

Farmbasket Snack Bar
No. 1, Block A, Urairah Complex, Spg 88, Kg Kiarong, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei