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Last few weeks, for a long time we had a little gathering for a mini simple brunch at Yugo Dessert House. Since becoming a parent of a less than a year old baby, many things change, in fact almost 99% of the things change even for a simple outing like this. In the past, without kid, it will be simple, let go but now a lot of preparations needed to be make, like we needed to ensure that everything needed to be there like the bottle, hot water, pampers, towels, handkerchiefs and etc. But overall, it is a big challenge but overall in the end of the day it will be memories that will never be forgotten.

Now about the Yugo dessert house – if you like pancake whether it is sweet or savory, this is one a nice, comfortable place to enjoy all these.




This I like a lot – Avocado & Eggs with pan cakes. This will be even better if you like avocado




Every set come with a choice of complimentary drinks like juices or coffee but I hope that they will improve the taste profile of the coffee better.

Overall, it is a very nice, clean, good food to enjoy especially for small bites.

Yugo Dessert Cafe
No E5, Ground Floor, Block E, Setia Kenangan 2, Kg Kiulap, BE1518, Brunei