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As we experience the journey of life, in most cases, we face more sadness and turmoils rather than joys and happiness. When there are light, there is always darkness but if things started to fall apart when we are unable to align ourselves and find ourselves in the spot of equilibrium. Hence, in life, we will always need to find the balance of equilibriums, eventually, if we failed to find the scale of balance, things will start to go sideways and everything will start to fall apart and topples. Then whatever we felt and things will become dramatic and magnified. Then, negative emotions will start to take over and sadness and pain of life will take over.

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Scale Of Balance

In many motivation courses and talk, the common point to make it – is to take action, think positive, move out the negative, cause negative will put one down and we will need to always look at the positive to move things in life. Good mentality, good planning and good action will enrich your life.

As per the previous discussion with one friend that so far up to this point that life is so sad to a certain point is that people and especially close one are not moving forwards. The world sometimes is not about just ourselves – human beings are born with emotion and the highest level of intelligent. With the advancement of technologies, we evolved, it is no longer just a fight for the basic survival of the food chains but more to that. We wanted more. We are blinded by all these and ignored the basic core purpose of life. To be happy” – life is never satisfactory. We are blinded by our intelligent – pursuing the right and wrong rather than what is needed to be done to make us better. This had been always a challenge to me. We are not making our life happier but just for the sake of what is normal.

When right or wrong become so important – the outcome will usually be ugly and sad cause we are no making everyone better out of the problems but it becoming one-sided. Like I said when we are so particular about right or wrong in life in terms of the outcome, we will need to scarify on one side cause when there are right – there will be someone else who paid for the price that falls in the wrong term. Of course, I am not saying that we should ignore about right or wrong but like we said we are living beings, we made mistakes but the heart of compassionate love must be there. Then, we can learn and step into a stronger bonding and future. That how strong relationship tied together.

Guys and gals I am not sure about you all – living up to now this had been my greatest challenge in life. For one to understand is not good enough to execute the picture but we need to have everyone go along the about line to breakthrough. Our life is limited by time, we are all bounded by this and it is often sad to question why do we have to make things so difficult. At a certain point in time, it is worth to be so messed up even by a few verbal sentences, then the whole scale of balance topples to one-sided and collapsed the whole world because of some smalls foolish misunderstanding and these smalls things could way long into our lifetimes and sometimes up to death, these things still keep in us.

The above is what I am facing in life and life is never easy but since we are here, we might as well put ourselves to work on solution and action to be a happier and smoother life.

Have a nice day to you all.

“SIMPLE is always harder than HARD” – even in writing it took us longer to complete the simple word in comparison to hard and to put it in sense once the hard day is over, we will be achieving a simpler and wonderful life”