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It had been a while since I wrote as some many things happened over the past month especially for the new member of my family – my newborn daughter which is now about six months old.

Especially it comes to parenthood for the first time. Some many things are the first time and to be honested it is not easy but things did come along with joy and happiness. Life to me is always two ways, there were joys and unhappiness due to quarrels, different opinions in between me and my wife’s but however, in the end of the day, it boiled down to nothing when you looked into the eyes and smile of my sweet little daughter.

The agenda aspect in life also changes a lot. In the past, we lived for our own happiness but now the greatest joy and happiness in life doesn’t come solely from this but from another life. Now, we learn that what is being parenthood – we no longer priorities in our own self but in another generation. We need to care about their feeling when we do quarrel, expenditure turns to our ways around. For the general income earner, how much of the expenditure in the start actually gone hair wire. But at the end of the days – what we can conclude is that “looking into the eyes and the smile actually feel more worthwhile than any others things else”.

Now over the past six months, for I can conclude that what do we lived and our sole purpose for now until they are fully grown and be independent, will be for them.

To all the great parent out there – life might not be easy especially for fast moving pace and cost of living. It might not be easy but at the end of the day – this will be one of the greatest accomplishment in the almost every parent. A salute to all the parents who had been down on this road of life.