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Sometimes simplicity is the best solution in life, but in many moments in life, to achieve simplicity are always not an easy task to achieve; in terms of alphabetically writing – “SIMPLE” are much longer than the word “HARD”.

To put it in sense as a foodie writer, sometimes good food doesn’t come from the food itself but the source of the food where it came and from who and the course of the event where it comes from.

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Hence, in life, it was important to be happy, keep it simple, “forgive and forget” – is the best key in life. Billions of life exist in this life and in our life span, we are now connected with 0.000001% of the population in this world and perhaps even less. Therefore, if faith put us together, hence, it is important to treasure and keeps things together but of course, life in nature will also have conflicts, quarrels and unhappiness – this is what life is about. Life is too short to waste our time quarrelling and arguing, time don’t wait for people, ironically, majority of the people is easier to remember the bad side but forgetting the good side; hence, resulting in remembering and not forgive instead of forgive and forget which will made life simpler but instead of more complication.

Simple Fried Rice – Key to simplicity and happiness in life “Forgive & Forget”