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The following is one of my favorite which in the past long long ago was prepared by my grandma but due to the aging process now this was being made by my aunt now. I don’t know what it was called but the skin of the pastry was made with tapioca that why it is yellowish and inside are combination of mixed vegetables like bean, carrots, minced meat and etc.

Homemade Aunt Cim 2016-03-06 Vegetable Pau 1.jpg

Homemade Aunt Cim 2016-03-06 Vegetable Pau 2.jpg

When it came to food from the childhood especially on the foods that one had eaten since young, the taste seems to burn into memory and growth on you. Due to the following, I believed that no matter how similar it was, it was always incomparable to the original not because it was not good enough but to me, it seems that when you growth with it, it kinda had a unique feels and taste profile.

A great thank for maintaining and still making it today.