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Food market regardless in any countries is always an interesting place especially if you are food photographers or food lovers as there are endless ample varieties of foods gathered in one place. The following is some of the pictorial taken during our visit to the Gadong market in Brunei. Other than the foods, this market is well organised and very clean indeed.

Gadong Market 2017-06-06 Entrance (2).jpg

Gadong Market

Gadong Market 2017-06-06 Entrance (1).jpg

The Interior Of The Market – Very Neat & Clean

Gadong Market Panggang Satay 1.jpg

Barbeque Lamb Skewer

What I always find interesting in the market is basically you can get a concentration of varieties of foods from A-Z. You name it, it is usually found here.

Gadong Market Panggang Satay 2.jpg

This is what we said look can kill

Gadong Market Panggang Satay 3.jpg

Other than the look, the smell will make you hungry for this

Gadong Market Panggang Satay 4.jpg

Other than lamb there are other varieties

Gadong Market Panggang Satay 5.jpg


Gadong Market Take Away.jpg

Chicken Rice ready to take away

Gadong Market Fried Banana.jpg

Fried Banana Fritter in a very unique way apparently from my colleague the outside is maple syrup with a dash of the Milo powder. Definitely for those who love sweet food

Gadong Market Fried Fish.jpg

Fried Fish


Gadong Market Kueh.jpg

Everything seems endless


Gadong Market Claypot (2)

Food in the clay pots

The market stalls today have evolved tremendously in compare to the past, not just in term of the food varieties but as well as the presentation as well. See how well and attractive it is being presented.


Gadong Market Claypot (1)

Seafood in pot, curry lamb in pot and more

Gadong Market Claypot (4)






Gadong Market Claypot (3)

Look Good! Don’t you agreed?

Gadong Market 2017-06-08 (2).jpg



Gadong Market 2017-06-08 (1).jpg

Beverages Stores


Gadong Market, Brunei