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They said in this world, how we perceived in our head is how we vision the world. In the greater magnitude, if the earth is tuned by a few degrees, the magnitude of impact will be dramatic. This is the same effect as in our life.

But in many cases, due to element of stubbornness and other factors, we refuse to change. These so called monster within us. Many in general in the case in the event of failure, unhappiness, disputes, quarrels, the first thought of the monster mentality within us is other people’s fault which contribute to result of today but ignoring the biggest factor of the fact that we aren’t making thing better – which are more important – “right or wrong” or “making life better happier” ? The relevant of the matter no longer important but the monster just continue to blame and blame in the vicious cycle.

In reality, the world doesn’t revolve around us alone and hence, logically thinking in life we try our best to suppress the monster within us but the architecture of the world does not revolve around us alone but with a chain of connected relationship and if all else have been tried and limitation has been reached, is it time to move on to make a better world for oneself?