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If you are a breakfast person – this will be one of the must visit place to have breakfast – Antipodean Cafe. This place was brought to by my wife’s sister – highly recommended and love it. Definitely will be back especially if you love eggs like me. Beautifully done.

Antipodean Cafe - Breakfast 3.JPG

Eggs Hollandaise. Now I understand that why they said a picture can kill – don’t you agreed?

Antipodean Cafe - Breakfast 4.JPG

Do we need to say more on how satisfying this is ?

Antipodean Cafe - Breakfast 5.JPG

This is what happen when you said that everything is in place to start the day

Antipodean Cafe - Breakfast 6.JPG

Simply Love It 

Antipodean Cafe - Breakfast 1.JPG

Other than the food – the ambiance is needed set up to start the day

Antipodean Cafe - Breakfast 2.JPG

They said that breakfast is the most important day of the meal and what is it to start the day with such satisfying breakfast. Well, in the following case, the pictures were well enough to tell you the whole story.

Give it a go if you happened to be there.

Well, these photos were taken last year while I am in Malaysia. Too much work load to actually to have the time to sort it out with the busy workload nowadays. Anyways, do hope that you all enjoys these do followed me.

Lastly – would like to have another thank for bringing me to this place.


Antipodean Cafe – Bangsar