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This was my recent visit to fu chow restaurant. 

Fish Maws Soup – this is one of my recommendation it taste a bit like shark fin soup to be frank and shark fin had been banned here a very good substitute and eco friendly 👍

Add with a touch of Chinese vinegar – superb

Bittergourd plus three eggs – now this become one of the vegetable intake selection. Bitterguord in the past was usually not in the selection but when it was fried with three eggs the taste was superb. So what are the three eggs? Chicken eggs, Century Eggs and Duck Eggs.

Claypot Soya Chicken

Superb especially when it was hot and steamy. Check out the steam still coming out from the claypot

A bit of the wild side – this pork was actually wild boars. For me the taste was very distinct but to some people who love wild boar they loved it. This dish was to personal preference

Kailan fried kailan – for those who love kailan vegetable this was one of he must try dish cause they said love kailan love more kailan. 😀

Overall, this restaurant was one of my recommendation especially there was a huge selection not only dishes but from dim sums and even small personal dishes. Foods are good and tasty. And the pricing are very reasonable, the following above come with rice and teas cost around 50 plus bnd.

Fu chow restaurant 

16,17 R & T Q-Lap; BE2719 Bandar Seri Begawan, … 福州餐厅 Restoran Fuchow, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei.