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This is one dish which I would never take in the past but people do change with time whether it is for the better, worst or stagnant. 

The following is garoupa fish with bitter gourd and fried vermicelli. Amazing this will be one of the dish which I am going to take for few more rounds. 

Bitterness used to be one of the taste profile especially at the younger age which we will not be considering taking. But as we grow, I found that not only me but a lot of my circle of friends start to have a like for this taste profile – perhaps we had gone through the sweetness of life cycle. As at our younger years, there are a whole world of fun with no commitments and responsibilities. 

Please take note that responsibilities and commitments do not meant less happiness but there was a line to be draw when there we factors in these weight. 

Therefore guys and gals do enjoyed your life while you are at sweet eighteen especially. 

But do try these dish while you are here you will not be disappointed especially if you like bittergourd like me now. 


Ching Nam Hong Restaurant 

Lot12028 Bgn Baktiah Shop no. 1 Jln Gadong; BE2719 Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei.