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Life had never being easy,  the designed algorithms of our life tends to always have challenges ahead in every road ahead, it was like a test of faith in us. It was never ending, perhaps the only end is the end of the life itself then this vicious cycle will end. As every aspect of decision in life in the natural state there is always a winner and loser, in business term it is what we called opportunities cost. There is always a sacrifice – the different is just the degrees how much one gain and loss. 

We human beings claimed to be the smartest species in life but on contradictory in many times I believe that we also made a lot of dumb decisions due to selfishness, greed and other factors. In many times, we are not making decision that it beneficial at all but also destroying all due to different aspects point of views. For instances, family disputes due to inheritance from the rich and wealthy – the result broken bond, family ties break up,  and bond no longer there. But in this algorithms of life one thing was fair and bound to all life forms – our life span. We grow old, died and decayed. But for the sad part despised of all these – it is never enough, sometimes when we think about it, we fight and fight but we are not fighting for a happier life but for the sack of personal belief and ignorance. 

Some may be lucky to have these rains and storms over but some may never end even until the last breath. In writing to the aspect of this, I wishes that to all whose are in times of storm, let be calm and thought about the beneficial, what is there to gain? I know that it might be easier to say then done but if we don’t do something to break out of the storm, life will not be good and improvement will not be there. Let give a thought and make a better world for yourself and others. Let build a sunny day instead of stormy night. Please take note, small different might have big changes; we never know until we give it a try. 

All the best.