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It been a busy and hectic week and haven’t got time to sit down to relax and write. Well the following was one of the latest coffee hang out in town – caffee benne from Korea. What I do like about this place was their hot food especially the toast and pie.

Latte from Benne

This is the chicken toast – toast to the perfection

This was one of the best toast and highly recommended if you happened to be here. One of the must try item. Gone for it twice, all friends give it a thumb up for this.

Other than toast, the hot beef pie is good

Other than the toast – I liked the pie as well l, crispy skin on the outside and warmth and tender in the inside – especially warmth when taken one a cold rainy morning.

See the lovely in between

Now other than the hot food let have a visit to the sweet dessert corner. Before that, one of colleague mention to me that they do serve good waffles. It does – especially when it blended well with the dark chocolate gelato. It simply blend well.

Images does tell you the story don’t you think so

Waffles with dark chocolate gelato

Morning cannot be missed out with this latte to boost the day

Cold dessert with cookies and cream

Nice comfort modern ambiance

Overall, I do really loved this place with a balance of coffee and foods. A very nice place to hang out and spent time with friends.

Well, guys and gals have it a go.