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Pork leg with tofu

This dish was take away from fu chow restaurant but the tofu was an added ingredient by my wife. When you loved certain foods, you will tend to modify certain ingredients into the dish to make even better. If you read my blog before, I liked to blend in life experience and learning related to food. Hence, in life it is important to flexible and continue to innovate our life to be happier and more completed.

Homemade 2017-02-18 2.JPG

Homemade 2017-02-18 4.JPG

Stir Fried Bean Sprouts Homemade

Homemade 2017-02-18 5.JPG

Homemade 2017-02-18 1.JPG

Vegetable Corn Soup

A balance meal with everything don’t you think so.

Have a good night.