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This is one of the moment of homemade dumpling when searching sorting out my online cloud photo – which I thought that it was worthwhile to post.

Homemade Wantan 2015-02-18 16.59.23.jpg

Wantan Fold Ready To Be Cooked

Homemade Wantan 2015-02-18.jpg

Loosing A Bit Of Focus But Next One Is A Perfect Shot

Homemade Wantan 2015-02-18 17.00.28.jpg

They Said Look Can Kill Don’t You Think So

The following photos were taken in 2015-02-18. Times do fly fast – and now it is already 2018 and I am glad that these memories were captured and treasured.

Every single little square photo did made up the good memories – therefore all, started to take more photos especially times flies by so fast in the multi tasking world today that the good times and things were always being forget and neglected.

Have a nice day to all…