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When you love and addicted to coffee like me, and happened to find the coffee that will boost the adrenaline for the day and a good kick start. Yes here it is – one of the great local black coffee.

Lian Fu 20170207 Coffee 1.JPG

Kopi O Kao

It is the kopi O kao – it implies “thick” coffee. It is not easy to make a good cup of kopi-o kao especially in making the kopi-o, it is all manually made without the reliance of the machinery to make it a standard. I believe it need long time of practice, experience to tune it to perfection. To me, what make this so great – color – super black, temperature to dissolve the powder – just right, and the last bit of it – the bubbly on top.  Yes, the bubbles – the existence of the good cup of the kopi-o; need to have the appearance of the bubbles. No bubbles implies no perfection. And the amount of the bubbles on top makes the indication of the great kopi-o kao.

Lian Fu 20170207 Coffee 2.JPG

Upon serve – there are still steaming hot steam

One thumb up to the person who make these great coffee.

Lian Fu Restaurant – Tanah Jambu