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Hi all, Happy Chinese New Year to all. Festive seasons are all about joys, happiness, giving, lots and lots of foods and indulgences into endless of “unhealthy food” and “excessive food”. Nevertheless, it is the season of joys and I think that it was all right in general to excuse us to be indulgent in all these at least for this period of time.

I believe irregardless of different festive celebration like this, the best part about this is family and relatives gathering. Many peoples traveling hundred to thousand of kilometers to gather for few days, relaxing through the holidays for such festival. Endless follow up on the stories, catching up on the time that we lost.

In traditional, the day before the Chinese New Year is one of the most important night, whereby family will gathered together to have a good dinner before the actual first day of the lunar Chinese New Year. Of course, what we are looking at is the festive itself, but in fact before that there was a lot of preparation needed to be done, like preparing the foods and ahh.. spring cleaning – a tradition whether by the whole house, cars and etc are clean.

In the past, for my grandparents, uncles and aunts, they will prepared all the foods and dishes by themselves and a complete sets of almost everything. But as time passes, a lot of the families began to do partial take aways or even dining out in the restaurant for the night before the Chinese New Year. Of course, in every movement in life, there are always pro and con. What so good about dining in the restaurant – less hectics and what we would said were sat in and dine. Prior to the following, a lot of the Chinese restaurant in Malaysia, due to the limited space and they would like to acquire a higher volume of business. Booking in advance was a must and prior to this, time slots are also set in so that each tables will have a more productivities rate. Due to the following factors, the joys of bonding, chit-chatting were greatly reduced. And the path of doing and preparing the dinners togethers were gone. This was a great different in comparing dinning in and eating out. To a certain degree, thought when we said that it was just a gathering dinner but in fact to a certain degree, though the processes of preparation, being busy are an important part of the festive season like this.

Below were the memories collection on the night of dinner for the Chinese New Year Lunar – 30th night gathering. And also a special thanks to all the family members who made all these wonderful memories and foods.


Honey Chicken With Ginger


Honey Chicken With Ginger


Pork Ribs With Pickles And Eggs


Pork Ribs With Pickles And Eggs – This is one of the must have.

The above dish is one of my favorite – having it since very young times… and every year up to now the traditional still keep here. Superb


Herbal Chicken


Broccoli With Abalone & Mushroom & Sea Cucumber


Broccoli With Mushroom & Abalone & Sea Cucumber


Deep Fried Prawn


Yam & Three Layer Porks – A bit fatty but nice


The Cold Plate




The Lamb Stew

Of course, we don’t forget about the soup


The Chicken Soup


The Chicken Soup

 Happy Chinese New Year & Gong Xi Fatt Chai to all.

Best wishes & lucks to all in 2017.