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The main reason why I love photography is because it capture the moment in life – the sweet and sad memories. 

With the fast pace of life whereby multiple roles, expectations and to achieve a balance life multi tasking are a necessary for me. Time and choice became an opportunities cost. And looking through life – a lot of families ties, friendship and partners broke up are because we forget the goods and remember the bads only. Sadly, this is the course of action for majorities of the population. When I found photography and taking pictures and starting writing down on blog, these things keep me alive and remember how these relationship are important to us. We can not focus on the bad only but to remind us the goods times together – the building of the platform is so important; simple things might be the best to remember and treasure are one of the key factor to simple and healthy lifestyle.

The following is a simple Sunday of chit chat and making homemade foods learning to experience and learnt from YouTube. It might be simple but I would said that this is an very enjoyable Sunday. Happy as well.

Scallop wrap with yam

Practices make perfect – the first few run might be unsuccessful but in the end all went goods.

Homemade Claypot rice

To summarize other than good foods, I would said that this was a very simple and enjoyable Sunday. And would like to thank and appreciate to make all these.

The end – have a nice day to all.