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2017.png Another year had passed, and we are approaching the another great celebration of the Chinese New Year. Time do flies and in another matter of time 2018 will be coming soon. And a lot peoples had been talking about resolutions, what to do in 2o17. But, before that it was good to do a recapped on what were happening in 2016 and before. Yes – it were all history, but it was good to learn from history, so what we failed and learnt in 2016 wont happened again. We will need to break the vicious cycle.

Keep it simple is always the best concept. We learnt as we go. Hence, reviews are very important and see what were our real weakness and conquered these weak points are our real actual resolution. Cause, I strongly believe these were the real factors which cause us failing in achieving our goals. They always said the greatest enemies lies within ourself. For instance, if we are slow in action – then it is important to keep our minds that we need to move a bit faster. Then, we will be able to feel the real improvement in changes. These feel goods will enable us to motivate us to move faster and faster and becoming snow balling effect.

Many articles have been related to listing our goals, what to do and so on. But, I think before that we will need to really go into deep thought what is our real weakness and how do we conquer it. Then, these small little weakness we conquered will enable us to move on to do greater achievement.

Hence, for the year 2017 – let conquer the enemies within us. Every weakness we conquered today will become our pro and allies in later part of our life. Then, these lists of goal we wanted to achieve but yet fail in the past will then come true.

Happy New Year To All – May 2017 be a fruitful and conquering year. Time do not wait therefore, it is important to get things done quickly. Planning is important but action is equivalent. Action without planning are succumbed to fail but on contradicting planning without action will had the similar result. Hence, it is important to plan and make appropriate small action to conquer.

One more thing before we go. To review – it is important to question ourself, did we move on today.


Best of lucks.