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Previously when we came across this outlet with such name and setting, we will usually thought that it is related to western food categories and it was in the beginning. But intoday business, in orderly to survive and gain a prominent ground, continuously innovations are a must and this outlet actually changes so much since my first visit. In fact, it somehow had innovate to the wants of the communities. Now with not just western foods but with a combination of the fusion of the asian foods. Not just asian foods but with a lot of small bites for all rounders and if you are looking for a break of coffee or small bites, this might be one of the place worthwhile for you to take a look. And the prices of the set are very attractive and reasonable as well.

Below are some of the illustrations of the small bites

Flapjack House 20170121 Seaweeds Roll 1.jpg

Seaweeds Rolls – Selection can be just vegetables or with the filling of chicken and beef

Flapjack House 20170121 Seaweeds Roll 2.jpg

Close up with of the seaweeds rolls – kinda like this for me

Flapjack House 20170122 Panggang 1.jpg

Deep Fried Panggang Rice

The above is something quite different – panggang rice “deep fried”. Taste good but I do find it a bit oily. Well, because of the nature of the texture of rice – this was sometimes unavoidable. Also, in another word – good foods are usually unhealthy :). But in fact, this is something quire unique for me.

Flapjack House 20170122 Panggang 2.jpg

Closed up view of he panggang rice

That all folks…

Shop 6, Spg 235, Jalan Pasar Baru, Kg Kiarong,
Bandar Seri Begawan BE1383, Brunei
Tel: +6732450987