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In the fast moving pace of the societies today, especially with the electronic gadgets of communication like emails, whatapps and etc, it become a common tools for us to communicate with each other so.  The barriers of present  in between human beings are getting less and less. Of course, there are pros and cons in between aspects of things in life. Once gain some will lose some in return as well.

With the advancement of these communication tools,  yes – in does in fact brought the world closer together whereby we could video calls, text with not only words but images as well to the person we wanted to speak to but contradicting to the following – when we applied the same concepts to the people who are really closed by in distance, it does in fact deteriorated the personal touch. 

The basic building blocks of human society does in fact start with communication. With goods communication skills we can get things done faster,  whenever there are errors we could fixed fast, family bonding also relies on goods communication and understanding to subbstation the goods relationship. 

In fact,  the whole world’s are about information and communication whether it are in terms of the family, relationship or business. With right set of information and communication to the right subjects, we can always do better and faster. And from the start of life until the end it is always about this. How we communicate with our kids will affect it mindset. 

Hence,  let get started with the patios if good communication – I believe this will enable us to have a better life all round up.