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If you are greedy for a bit of everything for Asian food – this could be the place for you. Please note that what I implying here are not a huge selection but a selection of a bit of everything. Like for instance – the Asian hot food – Nasi Lemak, Curry Noodles, Laksa, etc. A bit of the pastries – like chicken pies and puffs. A bits of the cakes – chiffon durian cake, banana cake, cheese cake. Hence, it is good for light and heavy weight meal.

Here are some of the pasties highlight –

Golden Coffee 2017-01-04 Chicken Pie.jpeg

Chicken Pie

Golden Coffee 2017-01-04 Banana Cake 1.jpeg

The Banana Cake

Golden Coffee 2017-01-04 Banana Cake 2.jpeg

The End

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