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When we travelled or visited another place, “foods” were always one of the top listed in our mindset – where to eat, what to eat, what is the local specialities. In comparison, from different states of Malaysia from Johore, Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Ipoh and Penang. Among all these one of my favourite top list was in “Ipoh”.

Not other than the foods are of premium qualities but price are very reasonable and affordable and a lot of the restaurants with the old heritage of history are still available there.

As I started writing blog not long ago and while I was sorting my collection of photos. Frankly, speaking I couldn’t remember the place but I thought that since the foods were so good, therefore let had a preview of these recollection.

Food 2015-10-09 Prawns.JPG

Fresh Water Prawn

Food 2015-10-09 Prawns 1.JPG

Wonderful.. That one word I was sure of

Food 2015-10-09 Sea Cucumber.JPG

Braised Sea Cucumber With Pork.. I think there is dry scallop a lot inside as well

Food 2015-10-09 Yam With Prawns.JPG

Yam With Pork

Food 2015-10-09 Tofu.JPG

Superb Tofu

Since, I was starting to sort out the old photos in my phone. Therefore, followed me for more.