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On a recent visit to Malaysia, I found that supermarket shopping had been getting more and more interesting. Better ambiance, more interesting products and the thoughts of what a shopper needed are taken into consideration.

Jaya Grocer 2016-12-13 Shop Front.JPG

Jaya Grocer Aeon – Neat & Clean Display

Jaya Grocer 2016-12-13 Ginger.JPG

Ginger – Look Very Fresh

Jaya Grocer 2016-12-13 Tomatoes.JPG

Look how red and fresh the tomato is ?

Jaya Grocer 2016-12-13 Potato And Pumpkins.JPG

Everything is so clean and needed display – Potatoes & Pumpkins Anyone?

Jaya Grocer 2016-12-13 Sweet Potatoes.JPG

If you have a sudden hunger – quick bites are readily available.

Other than the neat, clean and comfortable ambiance. Next came the products, it was always fascinating that if every departmental store came with their own uniqueness to have a differentiation from other. By which, that there will always be interesting different products from different part of the world whether it is the products itself or the packaging.

Jaya Grocer 2016-12-13 Kit Kat Car.JPG

Care for a ride with Kit Kat & Walkers.

Jaya Grocer 2016-11-28 Manner Biscuit.JPG

Overall, as a shopper, this was a very comfort shop to go with. In fact, I love the ambiance and arrangement a lot – very clean, neat to go. Oh yah, I didn’t took the photo but for the fact that there was another unique part about the setup with I liked was that there was a central like food area some where in the middle of the shopping area by which we as a customer could buy drinks and foods to chill off immediate without walking out of the store. This make a perfect area for those who love and don’t love to shop. As those who get tired quick and always sit down to enjoy while waiting for the other to shop around slowly.


From: Jaya Grocer Aeon