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Hua Wei P9 – double “OO”, for those who known about this phone, the highlight was about the camera and there had been a lot of rumours circulating about this two lens phone camera engineering by “Leica”. Whether, it was made by Leica or engineering by Leica.

So what so special about this camera – first it is double lens at the back? And one of the lens are specially engineering to shoot the black and white photography. If you are into black and white photography – this is definitely one of the phone camera you should try. As the results are fantastic.

Of course, other than the camera double lens specialities – I would like to emphasise a bit on the software part. Basically, in the whole nutshells, world of mobile had been divided into three majors system – iOS, android and windows. And each of them got their own specialities, pros and cons.

Since we are into the P9 now, what so good about this phone other than the double “OO” Leica Len is the software. Truly, for those who had been using android, the good and bad about andriod is the software update, whereby every manufacture tweaks their own system, therefore resulting in the issue of update inconsistency, some of the phone might wait ages for the update to be happened and might never happened pending on the model. However, of course, this is resolve by the introduction of the google itself like the nexus and pixels  – phone by google itself.

But what do i like about this phone other than the lens were:

  1. Battery Life – is good
  2. Fast Charging
  3. Software – this is the first time I used phone from Hua Wei – the first impression which i like about this was the notification panels. Very precise and clean. Then come the presentation part – I being swapping back and fro from Samsung to iphone. But to my surprise, what I found out was that Hua Wei software is somehow in between of the iphone and android in general. It felt like there is a mixture of the best of both world blended in together.
  4. Four months down the road – I still find that the speed consistency in this phone.

In conclusion, if you like a bit of IOS and Android – this might be the phone worthwhile to give it a go.

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Outdoor in the day light

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The Black And White

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