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O’tacos.. all about tacos…what is tacos? From research, it is basically Mexican dish with tortilla wrap around the food. Something different…

Presentation of the restaurant is very clean and neat. However, with the meal serve-it might took a bit long not due to the cooking time but due to the varieties of combination and choices to be made before finalizing your taco. Hence, it might be longer if you are happened to be in front of those customers like us making the first visit as we needed to look through all before making the choices.

Otacus 2016-12-18 (1).jpg

Otacos – Simple & Clean

Otacos 2016-12-17.jpg

This is the menu

Basically all tacos are tailor made to your preference  from what to be inside, the sauces, premium, the filling – fries or rices “Butter Rice” in fact. When it come to menu like this, I believe that many of us will had a lot of thought – what should i choose 🙂

Oh yah, also all tacos came with two choices of sauces.

Otacus 2016-12-18 (2).jpg

Taco Ready

Otacus 2016-12-18 (4).jpg

The first initial feel of these tacos are that were it really enough for lunch. Size was reasonable but from the initial feel it might be just right only! But we were wrong, the three of us were packed filled in the end. In fact, one of us was unable to finish until the end. Hence, for those smaller capacities stomach, my advise was to share first if it was not enough then get in line again. My conclusion was that sometimes it was not about the size but the filling inside what made it really filling.

Otacus 2016-12-18 (3).jpg

This taco was filled with double meat – chicken nuggets and beef

Otacus 2016-12-18 (5).jpg

Chicken with added mushroom as premium and rice

Otacus 2016-12-18 (6).jpg

Chicken Sausage, French Fries and Eggs

Otacos 2016-12-17 (2).jpg

Price range, it was more like any franchise fast food restaurant. Around 6-10 dollar per head prior to your configuration.

Restaurant: O’tacos Brunei

block A8 ground floor setia kenangan 2, Kampong Kiulap, Brunei