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If you love roast pork – this might be the one for you. Bee Hwa Restaurant

Bee Hwa 2016-12-11 roasted mix rice 1.jpg

Roasted Combination Rice

They all varieties of roast meat, you name it basically it is here – roasted spare ribs, roasted char sau, roasted duck, roasted chicken… The only think which I think that I would preferred more is thicker sauce. But of course, when come to food it is up to personal preference.

Bee Hwa 2016-12-11 roasted mix rice 2.jpg

Look at the succulent spare ribs

Of course, it is important to have a balance diet with vegetables as well.

Bee Hwa 2016-12-11 kai lan vegetable.jpg

Fried Kai Lan

Pricing is very reasonable. Good food good price good taste.