Dry Pan Mien

When we mention about pan mien,  it is usually in the form of soup based noodles, I  am more toward to a dry based type of food therefore this is interesting.  Dry kolo pan mien – they called it.

A little bits of the prawns,  minced pork, dry shallots,  fried anchovies and the pan mien. But I  think that the key ingredients when we talked about this dish is the anchovies. 

When we talked about pan mien, in done restaurants they will asked whether tippy want it the regular size cut out the hand peels which made the noodles in irregular shape. Well, it is more to personal preference.

But if are a  fan of noodles, this dish is worth a try.

Restaurant:  Shi Wei Tien


No15A, Grd Floor, Spg 248-8, Warisan Complex, Jln Kg Mengliat,