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I believed that in life we are always given an option or choice, of course it doesn’t necessary meant to be the best option available as choices are sometimes limited by not us alone but the surrounding environment and people’s around us which force us to make choice out of extraordinary.

And look at the bright side and this is the fact about life, whether rich or poor there are bound to be something that are of obstacles to us. It is just how we look at it, how we want it to ? 

Do we want to make little problems look big or little problem look small and eventually these problems will not be a problem.

Up to now I had been looking at how family ties and partners broken up because of tiny little issues which keeps circulating around and eventually it is like a snowball, it constantly rolls and rolls and eventually it exploded. So who is the winner in the end? In many occasions it was neither. Life is a short span of periods of time only and we can’t make back time. They said that time will heal but does it really heal or we are just escaping from the reality and harshness and forget it. 

But in general where these sources of evil come from

  1. Inability to have a compassionate love and feel for the other 
  2. Incapabilities to look at the problem from different angle 
  3. Stubbornness – always think that oneself is right and other always wrong and oneself has already being great. Please note that for me, everyone understanding of the right and wrong are from different perspective point of views. This is where the majorities of the argument come about. When this come into play, we are no longer considering what is the best outcome but of once right. And this is where the end of the line come about.

We could do better couldn’t we ? but in many times we are often blinded, bad things tended to be stronger than goods things. I believed that in many occasions, many of us experience or even give and receive the same treatment, one drop of small error or mistake is  enough to kill all the goods things which had been done. Ironic of life. This is the roller coaster of life, going up take longer and faster to come down and things just goes round and round like the vicious circle of life. Can we break it? Release from such pain and darkness, perhaps yes or not until the end. When we are bounded by relationship there are bounded to have these elements, it is like a formulation that is bounded to us. So how do we go about it ? and the most difficult parts are when relationship and people’s are involve – friction and arguments are bounded to be happened. And it takes all to have a great understanding, compassionate love to heal and this is the most difficult parts.

Cause in the end of the day if it is one sided, things will become unbalanced and will tended to topple again.And every time, when the storms come again it usually get bigger and bigger than before cause we are adding things up – now and plus previous plus previous and from tiny gusts of wind it become a thunderstorm. More bitterness more frustration and stronger anger.

Fact of life – either we move on or living in these storms.

And in many occasion, I  believed that we can but not one sided as a  sound takes two hands to claps not one.

Take care.  best of luck to all.