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This restaurant can be considered as one of the oldest restaurant in Brunei here. From what I recalled, this place really flooded with memories of many generations from great family outing for dim sum (breakfast), lunch and dinner up to holding many traditional wedding banquets in the past. But sadly, due to the emerging of the market demand for wedding banquets, people of the current generation in majority hold up a different combination of expectation other than the goods food – many other external factors come into play like good ambiance, good setup and presentation of the ceremonies becoming a important part of the factor.

Of course, no doubt that it lacked of the upgrading of the ambiance and feels and holding on to its traditional feel – it is good that this place still uphold to the traditional way of the “Asian Restaurant” by which that there are still people pushing in traditional trolley and etc. Well, in the end of the day, this is still a place that a lot of the people that would like to go for especially on the good family outing for breakfast gathering.

Below are some of the food which they served. Could show you the exact feel on what we meant traditional is as we are visiting during lunch time. Well, follow me if you do and we will be able to capture more on what do we meant by “Traditional Sunday Family Gathering”

Lucky Restaurant 2016-12-05 (7).jpg

Salad Prawn With Mayo 

The above is minced prawn wrapped around with wanton skin and put into deep fried. And it will served with a dash of mayo.

” This dish above use to be one of my grandfather favorite dish while he was still alive – and my uncle and families member will bought this for him whenever availed. It does bring back a lot of memories even for a simple dish like this. “

Lucky Restaurant 2016-12-05 (8).jpg

Fried Yam With Minced Meat Inside

Lucky Restaurant 2016-12-05 (9).jpg

if you looked at the plate which they served on – it is still the very old traditional type.

Now – the above is simple few dishes of the dim sum which we ordered while waiting for our lunch to come. And here come the lunch part.

Lucky Restaurant 2016-12-05 (1).jpg

Baked Pai Kut Rice

Lucky Restaurant 2016-12-05 (2).jpg

Lucky Restaurant 2016-12-05 (5).jpg

American Fried Rice

I am not sure how the name come about but in here a lot of restaurants here named this dish “American Fried Rice” but this is one of the hit list for me as it come with almost everything – Meat, Vegetables, Eggs and Rice. But for this dish, some of the them does come with french fries and hot dogs pending of the chef of the restaurant. Ermms, come to think about it may be the hot dogs and french fries was one of the reason why it is called american fried rice. Here is a bit of the different but it does come with the major part. The pork is really juicy and tender.

Lucky Restaurant 2016-12-05 (6).jpg

Juicy Tender Pork In Sauce

Lucky Restaurant 2016-12-05 (3).jpg

Mixed Roasted Meat Rice

Now, the above is one of the fastest and simplest dish and one of the favorite of all times. Plain rice, ample of roasted meat then deep with thick dark soy sauces. What we liked here is the special “Chong Yu” – i forget to take photo of it. Actually it is, spring onions cut into very tiny pieces deep in ginger oil – if I am not wrong it is also known as “scallion oil” by which that it blended very well with above. No 1 must have.

Lucky Restaurant 2016-12-05 (4).jpg

Check out his close up picture of the star

Outlet: Lucky Restaurant
Address: No107-110, Pap Umi Kalthum Shophouses (Jalan Tutong), Jalan Laksmana Abdul Razak, Bandar Seri Begawan
Overall, if you loved asian food, this is one of the good recommendation place to have whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner.