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Pullman Hotel 2016-03-12 Porridge For Breakfast 1.jpg

Porridge for breakfast – Pullman Hotel, Miri

I always love to relate food & photography together. I believe that for those who loves to take food photography, there is always a joke that circle around them. “Don’t eat first, let the camera do the first taste and view of the food”.

Well, when you love to take photos, we all will come to an understanding that the most satisfying part is not about just taking the good photos but it left a trail of memories behind. When we started to look back, it filled us with fulfilling memories of what we been to and of course – a token of appreciation to the chefs and foods that we had.

For me, other than that, I would like to relate it to the topics of life.

For my life experience, I am sort of person that would like to keep thing simple rather than making things complicated and hard. But the ironic part is that in many occasion, to keep thing simple is hard, and to make thing hard it is a lot simple. Just like we type – it is only four simple key to type H-A-R-D but to type in the word S-I-M-P-L-E, we have to go extra two alphabets long. Hence, it is quite ironic isn’t it.

Pullman Hotel 2016-03-12 Porridge For Breakfast 2.jpg

Therefore, we should always make thing simple – when we thinks simple – we appreciate a lot of things in life and not to take them by granted.

Simplicity will make a lot of things and events in life a lot  happier and easier.
Don’t you all think so?