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I know that in this world this quote above do happened frequently whether it is within own circle of family or from external sources especially when we are trying hard to go to the right path but thing doesn’t go the right way in fact sometimes it goes the other ways round.

Life in many occasion as human being we often take many things by granted or being taken by granted, that why a lot of the motivation,  positive thought are needed to pump thing straight that the fact of life.In 99 percent of the times,  things don’t go toward the way it perceived,  one simple mistake is enough to kill the whole eco system that had been done. In times,  we don’t remember the goods but just the bad. We just forgot the goods and only look at the bad. When these things happened, the foundation of the pillars which took to build over a long period of time vanishes and destroys within a few seconds.

So many broken relationship end up like this was due to a simple stupid mistake, one mistake does end and could even kill the whole empire. Living up to today seeing within my own and external environmental from friends, colleagues and etc, these are the common lines of life which we all face, is this a test of life?  We are bounded by so many faces and stories and the right and wrong is just separated by a line of truth. One simple word can has some many meaning and faces. So what is right and what is wrong? Want to keep simple,  mentally yes we want to keep simple to maintain a happy life and thoughts. Just be healthy is one of the greatest asset of life but in reality is it enough,  I doubt so, being the most powerful species in the animal kingdom, the logic of enough is too far depth, it is never going to be enough. We are advanced race, the moment we think that we are enough,  we will be consumed in this world especially business world today,  it is the survival of the fittest.

Good people are often taken by granted but we still remain so because life is never fair otherwise everyone will be standing on equal ground and there will be no more differentiation in life. But in the end of the day, as for now the only time that is fair will be we come empty and we go empty handed. In fact a lot of people thinks that time is fair,    as everyday everyone had the same seconds, minutes and hours,  this statement is not entirely truthful as when we look at the bigger picture, the number of days in every life are different.

I am not complaining about life but these are just some of the facts of life, a lot trends to grunt and hold grudges, blaming others factors for today failures or life but in fact the question which I would like to query and ask was that other people’s and environmental factor we cannot control but the fact that what we can control is ourselves, is the current state we are in was us. We are the greatest enemy in life, this enemy will always stay within us, fighting with us until the last breath – hence are we succumbing to it, losing to it but we are conquering and taking a step further.