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Halo halo sumbangsih 2016-04-19 001.jpg

This dessert above is known as halo halo – if i am not wrong it is a Filipino’s dessert. This dessert was first introduce by one of my friend who crazily love this dessert. If you have a like for sweet things – this is definitely the one of a must for those who have sweet tooth.

Well – it is hard to describe what it is inside cause at even eating the actual stuffs i could told what was inside. Basically – what we can see from the photo are Yam ice-cream, crush ice, evaporated milk, beans and more – oh yes jelly like combination at the bottom.

Halo halo sumbangsih 2016-04-19 002.jpg
Although there are so many sweet things inside – the correct way to eat this dessert, accordingly to my friend was to stirred up all together so that it looked a bit like the milk shake; then from here we sucks it through the straw hard. But if you want to eat it nicely and gently was through spoon. Well, it think to drink and eat it throw straw are more interesting but do suck it hard.

Enjoy it.