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Restaurant: Lian Fu 88
Address: Jalan Tutong, Simpang 66, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

Lian Fu 88 2016-07-26 Yi Mee (1).jpg

Yee Mee

Lian Fu 88 2016-07-26 Yi Mee (2).jpg

The above dish is crispy noodles – noodles deep fried in hot oil to get it crispiness. When it first serve out, it is hard and crisp, therefore before eating it, we have to stirred the sauce around and upon mixing in the crisp noodles will absorbed the sauce in.

Lian Fu 88 American Fried Rice 2016-07-26 (1).jpg

American Fried Rice 

Lian Fu 88 American Fried Rice 2016-07-26 (2).jpg

This is where the region which we live in are name as “American Fried Rice” – basically it is a mixture of a bit of every thing. Like what you seen in the picture; french fries with mayo, eggs, fried rice, ham covered with thousand island and pork chop.

If you got a problem with selection and hungry – this is definite one of the choice. Get a little bit of everything.

Oh yah, by the way, there was one things which I liked about this place, which is the hot breads – they made hot breads every day, especially on the tea time, where you don’t want to have a lot but just a simple bites.

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