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Thien Thien Kolo Mee 2015-08-27.jpg

Above is from one of the long tradition chicken rice store in Brunei here – “Thien Thien Restaurant”. It had been here since a long decade ago and still up keeping with the tradition.

In life – a lot of the basic and simple things are one of the hardest to achieve and with the complexity of the life today, in fact I believe that a lot of times, many peoples around us and even ourselves tend to forget on getting the basic right. A lot of times, in many occasions, many things in life are taken for granted and keeping things and thoughts simple will keep also the negativity away and this is the same for foods. Hence, this is one of the restaurant here, which keep its menu, recipes since the very beginning and it had become one of the iconic taste for a lot of the local people growing here.

It is kinda weird, we always like the foods that grow with us since young. It was the same concept applicable when we asked ourselves, if we went over to far abroad for work, studies or etc, we tended to miss the food which we grew up with. A lot of my friends when they came back from oversea, this is one of the place, they must go and visit at least once when they are back. Other than the foods, one of the factor, I believed was that it is the memories of bubbles in our mind – which we would like to recall and can be recall in realities and some much good times were linked to this iconic traditional store.

One thumb up for keeping up what is being in the traditional.

For those who haven’t visited this place – other than the famous chicken rice, I liked the laksa noodles also.