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This is one unique store which I found during the visit to subang jaya area. How I found it interesting because first of all, it was not a store, in fact this Aunty Chow – came to this area to sell this homemade Nyonya Curry Puff and Kaya Puff by car and selling it from behind the car booth as per shown in the photos below.

What caught my initial attention was the unique selling part of how the puffs was being brought and sold here. Secondly, the people queuing around the car to buy these puffs. Now let us get to some of the photos of the puffs first. Also, I think being a management people, even before looking at the foods, I think that it is very admirable for these people to innovate and earning income and as well as the friendliness and passionate about these puffs when they are selling it. A thumb up for all these. Cause in life, I really believed that to succeed and be happy is how we blended in and make full use of the environmental irregardless of the goods and bad situation.

Subang Jaya Curry Puff 2016-09-03 1.JPG

Postal set up with the right information that caught the passer by

Subang Jaya Curry Puff 2016-09-03 5.JPG

Puffs are carrying around the bad of the car with trays setup

Now come to the questions of how good is the puffs? Let have a look through the photos first.

Subang Jaya Curry Puff 2016-09-03 4.JPG

Trays of puffs carrying around the back of the car booth

Subang Jaya Curry Puff 2016-09-03 2.JPG

The Kaya puffs in trays

Subang Jaya Curry Puff 2016-09-03 6.JPG

Curry puffs in paper bag – comparing to the size of the puffs it was big

Subang Jaya Curry Puff 2016-09-03 7.JPG

This is the kaya puffs

Subang Jaya Curry Puff 2016-09-03 9.JPG

Just to emphasise again on the size and before getting ready to be devoured

Subang Jaya Curry Puff 2016-09-03 a1.JPG

The in between of the puffs

After viewing at the story board of the nyonya and kaya puffs – I presumed just like looking at the photos it tasted really good. Yes, in fact it is. The skin was really crispy and the Nonya curry is very aromatic. Similarly for it’s curry puff’s siblings – the kaya puff. As these was the first thing which we taken in the early morning. The size of the puffs were in fact very gigantic as per compare to the normal which we found in the normal bakery store. In fact – my friend who was having the kaya had trouble of finishing it.

By any chance if you happen to come across this – you should give it a try.

A thumb up of the foods and all.