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Tea4 Miri 2016-09-04 2.JPG

T4 “A Cup of tea for U” – This is a nice place to hang and chills especially on a nice rainy day sitting outside and enjoying a sip of tea in the lazy afternoon.

In general I am more of a coffee person in compare to tea but what I really like about this place is the small bites. The tea that are being served is nice and refreshing as well.

Today, we introduced the small bites which we ordered and which I think it is worthwhile to mention as well is the popcorn chicken. Little soft chewy bites of the chicken with aromatic taste plus it is tender, soft inside with crispy on the outside. – a very nice combination. 

Tea4 Miri 2016-09-04 3.JPG

nice juicy popcorn chicken – yum yum

Tea4 Miri 2016-09-04 4.JPG

Just never get tired of it – don’t you


Address: Lot 2384,, Boulevard Commercial Centre, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia