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They said that every photos had a story behind. And This is the story of the “super bouncy jelly” made by one of the friend for the gathering.

So what the story behind here – first of all this story is super bouncy and there are so many laughters and jokes behind this. And the best part about this was that – it wasn’t that it was not tasty but for the fact that there are so bouncy that there had been so many jokes around it. And there were so many good laughters and jokes around it.

For instance – these jelly could made a tribute to the pubs and will sell well why? Well, if you eat the jelly before drinks and parties, your resistance will be much higher. Why? Because the bounciness was so strong that it could help you to block the alcohol and hold it in the stomach before going into.

Well, I believed that there will be improved version of it soon.

Homemade Jelly Fang 2016-08-20 2.JPG

Super Homemade Jelly

Homemade Jelly Fang 2016-08-20 1.JPG

Does taste good but super bouncy ! 🙂