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Soon mooncakes festivals are coming soon again. This festival is celebrate for the lunar moon of mid autumn which in held in the 15th of the eight month of the Chinese calendar whereby the moon is the fullest and roundest. Whereby family gathered together to celebrate togetherness and reunion as well as for the harvesting.

What i come to known is that moon cakes in general are made from red bean and lotus pastes traditionally. Traditionally during the younger moon cakes usually come with standard filling like salted eggs yolk.

But with today, things are very different, people in the industries are innovating toward more modern form of moon cakes felting accordingly to the wants of the community especially to attract the young and new generations. Moon cakes now come with other form like even durians flavour or even getting out the traditional like ice-cream moon cakes.

Others than the innovation towards the making moon cakes out of traditional form are goods because this is one of the factor to keep these festival and cultural alive for the younger one.

Below are some of the photo taken while i was on a trip in KL – mid valley

Mid Valley Moon Cake Festival 2016-09-03 2.JPG

Various store setup with deco for the moon cakes festival

Mid Valley Moon Cake Festival 2016-09-03 4.JPG

Mid Valley Moon Cake Festival 2016-09-03 6.JPG

Beautiful colored lanterns