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Mee sua with chicken soup

When we talked about mee sua or in Mandarin mien sien, usually we are associated with birthday in the olden day. Whereby during these days, either my grandmother or mothers would made these dish that came with the big drum of the chicken. 

Today it was slightly different with the accessibility and availabilities of the ingredients these can be eaten all times in compare to the olden days whereby life are much more tougher. 

The following dish accordingly to what we discussed today while having it is that there are slight variation in comparison to difficult ethnic group. But all in all, it is a good dish and home made Chinese wine can be added to give the aroma and taste of the wine blended in together with the Chinese soup. 

Beware of getting drunk if you are weak for alcohol. 🙂

Enjoyed it. A thank to the person who made the effort and wonderful breakfast.