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Paddington House of Pancakes – by just reading from the name, it is obvious that this outlet is specialize in pancakes. If you are a fan of pancakes – this is some place you should explore, though from many peoples “for pancakes”, the price tags may be a bit pricey. But of course, if we looks into the totality, ambiances of the setup and the portion of the foods, adding up the total part – we might find the reason of the price. But overall, many thought of the price part, I think priority of reason was due to “pancakes”. But put it fairly – to me it might be just slightly pricey but putting in all the factors as per mention above – it might be reasonable.


Setting of the restaurant is very antique and contemporary 


Spacious to hold a big family together in comfort to have a nice meal plus chit chat & coffee



Thick Huge Patty – Plus Double Up


Basically as egg lover – anything come with egg on top are added bonus to me. 🙂 My personal preference



Guys and gals – as these photos are sitting long time ago in my photo libraries, and in the past there was always “wanted” to write but never had a chance to sit down. At many times, in fact it was jammed at the creation and choosing the design. So like they said, after many many of sitting and doing nothing – finally it is here.

And wondering – why there are no pan cakes in the pictures above? I also wonder – but for the fact that looking at the photos – top and bottom of the burgers are in fact pan cakes instead of bread.

Oh yah, they do served nice dessert as well. Tills then guys and gals – followed up if I managed to sort more of my library.

Have a nice day ahead!

Unit 3&4, Spg 58, Jln Berakas, Kg. Serusop
Tel: +673 233 1668 or +673 233 0668