Have you ever felt like when suddenly the whole world doesn’t seems right and all are falling apart but not because of the fact that due to unlucky but felt like being played out.

It seems that all these bad omen are purposely created to trigger this event. Have you ever felt this way and things were starting to fall apart and we are trying our best to glue and held things together. It is really a stressing out. Positively thinking this could be a challenge, a push to force to do a major upgrade – a lesson to be learnt and overcome perhaps we should called it an awakening. It is time to be more offensive then defensive play.

Back to the coordinating board to held thing back together. Being tackles through scam and play will be much harder as it is a plan event but like I mention what in my mind is how to overcome such situation – to growth to the next level to put thing into more intensive and played it harder to overcome such situation. This is the fact of truth about life – don’t blame other for being like this but blame oneself to even become stronger build stronger strength to bond things together to the right way!!!! 

Hope and wishes will not help but stick back to the basic foundation to build realistic concrete ground to overcome these bad scams. Well, this is what I learnt from today lesson. Never rely on other – but oneself to overcome these!!!!