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Are we moving forward? What to do? 

With the demand for more effective and multi tasking in this world – is it true that the aging are becoming a hindrance to sail the company forward. 

To me the basic line of steering a company is like steering a ship – everyone need to be on the same line of protocol of operation. And to achieve the following we need to set the standard line of communication. Why is this so? Operation and protocols are not always a one hit solution, it needed to be evolve with the ongoing experience and real life data analysis, hence communication is very important. It contributed to the basic of the 70 percent of success line of every projects. 

Recalling to the standard communication in the current and last era – it is no longer through speech but now with digital signature through email, whereby if all are followed through it will be easy for all. But in my place, it never been, being struggling to get the basic right, at certain time it so hard to get it done because of long term workforce which had been comtributing in the past but couldn’t catch up with the expectation of today era!! One of my major headache. Long term coaching had been done through and through but just couldn’t drill these into the habits but at certain point of time, I think that these reasoning of couldn’t cope is becoming a series of excuses. Hence, I was thinking that is there a limitation to all these. “The Heroes of the past becoming the hindrances of today – the reason is that they are no longer evolving and the hard part is the acceptance of their own thought and they themselves becoming their own greatest enemy”

I recalled watching the movies the intern, I was so touch by this story line to learn and move forward in different era. If these peoples get the following ideas, it will be so great.

Leave a comment to me on how you all thinks?