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First tried using the eggs machine to boil eggs. Overall conclusion, easy to use but need a little practice to adjust the water level. But what I liked about the eggs from this machine is the eggs are close to hard boil but not exactly hard boil yet.

Below are the steps on how to use the eggs machine to boil eggs

1.  Of course in every process, we had to clean the eggs.

2. Every eggs we will need to poke a hole before putting into the machine, this was to allow the pressure to go out. Very important. The hole on the eggs were poke using the equipment below.

Devices used to poke the hole on the eggs simple and easy to use

Poke the eggs with the device above  and it will look like this easy and simple to use

Add some waters into the device and put the eggs in

From the current trail what I found out that the measurement of the water into this eggs machine cannot be too much otherwise part of the eggs content  will be poured out of the hole we poked earlier. And also, for those who don’t take half boiled eggs, we can ensure that the eggs will be full boiled by repeating the process twice.

Ready to go

This is what happen when we added to much water. Part of the eggs will start to pour out of the hole

The final product

Overall, easy to use and we do get consistency in every eggs we boiled.