On the recent visit to Miri, this restaurant was introduced by one of my friend to this place in the Miri – Patio Bistro. 

On the first glance, it is a one shop lot cafe at corner, the designed are very cosy and comfortable with some sitting one the exterior of the bistro. But what we agreed and found unique is the logo of the bistro – a devil in chef uniform holding kitchen weaponary.

On.the exterior of the bistro below, I kinda out find it is a good place to chill especially on a cool, rainy day or at night to have a nice cups of latte or beers.

Now ambiance of any bistros, restaurants or cafes are always an added bonus. The key part which we like about this bistro is the foods – good tastes, values and a clean simple presentation.

Lamb and fried bacon – this lamb dish is one of the favourites of the person who introduced me the place and this is one of the attraction that made him keep coming back to this place 

I totally agreed with him – good things must be appreciate with more shots. Lambs were sliced to soft and tender and like the sauce especially creamy with a touch a pepper 

Bacon sliced fried to crispy

In natural if you don’t mind about the fat part – bacon fried in this way is usually very flavorful

Lamb chop – nice done neither over cooked or under cooked – timing just right soft and juicy and very flavorful

Again I think that this chef is very specialise in lamb cause among out of the two lamb dishes. It is very good

Baked rice with ham – a fusion between the east and west

The latte – for me the taste is a bit mild. But personally I prefer a strong taste when it come in term of coffee but I do like the way it is presented 

Everything come with a story behind – the philosophy behind this creation


The foods are good to be and the price are very reasonable. Together with the ambiance and presentation, this is one of the place you might want to try and have a go.