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Thai Food – when it come to Thai food, I believe that majority of the people would love Thai food; always full of tastes – sweet, sour, spicy, hot and tangy, you name it all will be there.

Below, is some of the foods taken while having dinner – The Swaddee House.

Sawadee 2016-04-20 1.jpg

Golden Pocket

Sawadee 2016-04-20 2.jpg

Sawadee 2016-04-20 3.jpg

Pandan Chicken – One of the favourite

Sawadee 2016-04-20 4.jpg

Thai Green Curry Chicken – This is really good – aromatic and an opener

Sawadee 2016-04-20 5.jpg

Sawadee 2016-04-20 6.jpg

Kang Kong – stirred fried with chilli padi

Sawadee 2016-04-20 7.jpg

Sawadee 2016-04-20 9.jpg

Tom Yam Soup – When we mention Thai Food – this is a must!

Sawadee 2016-04-20 8.jpg

If you are into solo – i suggested that you should try this – well fry not to dry and there is a lot of the smell of the wok hei – and the taste are very good. A Must

Sawadee 2016-04-20 10.jpg

No.6, Grd. Flr., Yong Siong Hai Building, jln Pasar Gadong, Behind The Mall, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

The restaurant set up is simple and the price are very reasonable and good. Other than the reasonable good price, the food tastes fantastic. If you love Thai food – you should give this restaurant a go.