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One of the good coffee house in town – It’s A Grind (Cities Square Branch). This coffeehouse here set up cosy, relax ambiance for chit-chat and a good hang out place in town.

Having a love of a coffee – I think that the coffee / latte which they served are very good and aromatic.

It's a grind 2016-04-26 1.jpg

It's a grind 2016-04-26 2.jpg

Nice Cosy Sofa Set Up For Chill & Hang Out

It's a grind 2016-04-26 3.jpg

If you are tired of sitting, lying down in the coffee house become a possible option – sometimes different

It's a grind 2016-04-26 4.jpg

Setup a neat and tidy

Overall, other than good coffee, in today era – I think that ambiance is another important factor. Of course, we couldn’t have the best part all in one place. For this cafe design, it is cool to have a chat and hangout. But if you someone who love to get some work done in cafe with a good cup of coffee – there might be limited table for these tasks to be performed. Hence, there is pro and con in term of classical and homely design. Guess, it is hard to have the best of both world squeezed into one place.

Citis Square, Kampong Berakas