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This restaurant plus cafe is sitting in the place of least expectancy. Initially, when I heard about it – because of the location, I thought it was something like a cafeteria but to my surprise, it was completely the other way round from my imagination; every settings were so well done – nice ambiance, lightning and of course, with a well blend of the soothing, relaxing music. Truly unexpected. Of course, the foods are nicely well presented and best it taste superb.


Nice Comfortable Chair & Set Up


This Sofa Set Up Look So Comfortable. Would Be Very Nice For Chilling

So what about the food? From what I heard of – this owner of the restaurant is very particular about the food. Not just about the taste but also on the ingredients that are being put into it especially on the adding in favoring with instant ingredients like the stocks of the shelf is no no. Therefore, for those who are very health conscious – this is one of the good choice for you all.

Whether you like Asian Food, Western Food, good mixture of cocktails or just to have an indulgence of the cakes – it are all here. Since we visited these place is during the festive, it came with combo set, therefore, it is a good chance to view the wider choice of selection.

For start, we would like to go with the drinks – they named after this “The Black Galaxy”. Why it is called the black galaxy – perhaps it looked the actual galaxy – with the shiny grass jelly. The taste is very well blended and chilling – with a mixture of milk, grass jelly and if I am not wrong – “Gula Melaka” as well. Very refreshing after a long day.


The Black Galaxy


Grass Jelly – Always Love This Food

Now for the main dish, we can start with the western food.


Spaghetti with Meat Ball – Love The Sauce 



Vegetarian – I Am Sure Vegen Would Love This



Chicken Sandwich


What Is Inside Make It So Special


Seafood Salad – Fresh Vegetable. For This I Will Need To Emphasize On The Prawn – So Well Cook – Juicy And Good Texture


The Prawns Were So Nice That I Have To Zoomed In

If you are a fan of the Asian food, here it is


The Nasi Lemak

However, the next one is for those who love hot and spicy. The Ayam Penyet – one of the local favorites. Speciality about this dish is the chili and the chicken. As I am not into hot and spicy but accordingly to my circle of friends who love this ayam penyet dish – they claimed that the hotter and spicy it is – the better it is – until at certain point of time, the hotness give a burning sensation would claimed to be the King Of Ayam Penyet. And in general, Ayam Penyet come with plain rice but for this case, it is serve with aromatic “Pandan” rice.


The Ayam Penyet


Pandan Rice

Now, the next dish are my favorite of the night – the beef rendang.


Beef Rendang – I Would Name It The Star Of The Night. So Good. Tender & Juicy

Now, after all these, it is time for the finale – desserts and cakes. A lot of the peoples who were aware of this restaurant, the famous – “The Lava Cake”. Please take note – for those who have a sweet tooth and love chocolate – don’t miss out this.


The Hot Lava Cake


Look at how the chocolate – hot and warm leak out from the center

Well, here are some of the factors why I think this was one epic dessert. The skin was crispy on the outside soft one the inside. The heart of this dessert is hot chocolate – thick and sticky and it is hot. Now, mention about it – it is the called the lava is because when you start to cut it – the chocolate is hot like lava leaking out slowly.

And the best part is that it is served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Making it more spectacular with a mixture of hot and cold. Pardon me for the ice-cream for not in the picture – as it is too good that we completely left it out of the picture:)

Overall, it is a very nice place to dine in and chills. If I am to give a rating out of 5, it will be 4.8 out of 5. In many aspects, I believe that the owner put a lot of thought to the whole things.The staffs are extremely friendly and thoughtful too.

Oh ya, I am a fan of motivation as well. Love these pictures on the wall of the restaurants.



I am so agree with this. Don’t you?

Well, it marked the end of the remarkable day – good food, ambiance. Plus, a free motivational lesson as a bonus.

About: Bello Cafe (Anggerek Desa)
Address: D&T Building, Simpang 32-37, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei